Plot element involving tendons.


This one is really out there (and I've been thinking about it as I've developed something resembling peroneal tendonitis)...

Don't know if this was from a movie or a TV show, but it's just a plot element where a character developed the ability to jump higher and run faster after an operation on the tendons in their ankles - the surgery was not done quite right and the tendons were made too tight which resulted in the person gaining far above average jumping abilities.

Whatever this was from, the theory behind it never wrang quite true - I'd imagine in a botched tendon surgery where they were tightened too much, it would most likely put the person in danger of pulling or tearing the tendons or making their flexibility more immobilized rather than giving them enhanced athletic abilities (but I could be wrong).

Any ideas on what this was from (or on the concept itself)?

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It's the basis for Rookie of the Year, where the protagonist breaks his arm and the tendons heal "tight," giving him the ability to throw very fast. Don't remember anything with the same concept for jumping, though.