Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash? —TMZ


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I grew up watching Jordan and, later, Bryant. Bryant was the natural choice and the closest thing to a successor after Jordan had retired for the second time. I remember him winning his first championship in 2000 with Shaq. Sad day

Hearing a couple of his kids were on the helicopter with him. The mother wasn't, at least. A small mercy in the middle of a tragedy.

I’m hearing conflicting reports. I’ve heard all four of his daughters were on board, and another stating they weren’t.
I can’t even imagine his wife’s state if the former is true.

Sounds like some of this stuff has already been retracted, yeah. Really hoping the kids weren't there. Sounds like they might not have been. I imagine we'll know for sure later today.

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So far one of his daughters, 13 year old Gianna, has been confirmed among the casualties.
Yeah, someone else confirmed this for me too. Horrible addition to this already horrible news.

Actually looked for a Kobe thread before accidentally posting one but made the mistake of searching for ones that had RIP in the title.

This is such a tragic surprise.

Man, this is terrible. I was never a Kobe fan, but I still feel more awful for this death than a lot of other celebrity deaths. Kobe was just at the Lakers game, right there on TV. If you ever played pick up basketball, you know the impact Kobe had. I still get annoyed thinking about the other kids tossing up bricks after hollering out "Kobe!". RIP to him, his daughter, and everyone else on that flight.

Sad news and condolences to the surviving family, for the loss of a father and husband, as much as for the loss of a daughter and sister. But as sad as this is, lets not forget that there are 3 others also who have died in this tragedy.


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I was watching the Pro Bowl when I heard the news. I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I felt sad to hear about the loss.

Rest in peace

Basketball isn't anywhere near the popularity of the likes of football (the real one) here in the UK, but even then you'd be hard pressed to find adult Britons that didn't know who Kobe Bryant was. One of the biggest athletes on the planet. Rest in peace.