Man turns evil after car accident


Hello. im trying to find out name of a old movie for a friend of mine but ive searched everywhere without luck. meaby someone here can help.

The movie:

its about a man that dies in a car accident and his parents are hurting bad and want him back . and they try to figure out how to get him back and they find a doctor who can bring him back. the doctor brings him back but the man is not him self and is evil and kills people. turns out the doctor put his evils sons soul in the body of the parents son.

im sorry it i explain it bad lol . if anyone know it ill be so happy

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There's a bit of that in Hideaway ( There's a car accident, there's post-mortem reanimation, there's evil. I don't remember if there was anything deliberate about a doctor's son, though.
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Thanks for your reply but that wasent it!

2004, Nick Hamm. Starring Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear, and Rebecca Romijn.

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Thats the one Thank you so much for the help