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Iím new here so donít cut me too badly for this. I saw dreamer (Dakota Fanning, Kurt Russel) today at the grand opening of a new theater here in my town. I really was hoping to watch something else instead but I figured I would settle for dreamer since it fit our schedule more reasonably. Yes, our schedule, I had my pre-teen son there and wife. I figured if nothing else at least I wouldnít have to worry about the old sex-drugs-violence rap with junior. I must say that this was a great movie! Itís been a while since I went to a movie and saw people actually standing up and cheering for the good guys at two different points in the show. I also felt compelled during these parts. Yes, itís schmaltzy and the ending is predictable, but the acting is very good and the movie just seemed to suck me in, what a great underdog story. The only thing I object to is Elizabeth Shueís part as the mother. I guess there had to be a mother in the story just for balance and to help explain some of the back-story but other than that she couldíve been written out or maybe she couldíve been given more function in the active story line. I never saw a commercial for this film nor did I even see a movie poster but if you see them it probably looks pretty lame, I can imagine. if you run out of things to do, or if you are looking for a date/family movie this is the best I have seen in a while, it might surprise you. Now let the ripping begin! (I hope not.)

You're only as healthy as you feel
What Do You think of your self ??!

You're only as healthy as you feel
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More reviews please belhop
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