Gonna be in Cleveland the next few days


Nope, just leisure! MST3K has a reunion tour, we're seeing that on Thursday evening. Then we're just staying and doing whatever on Friday (probably the aquarium, art museum, and a couple of other things).

I am, actually! But only because there's a restaurant there called The Raging Avocado, and my softball team is called the Raging Avocados, so I'm detouring to go there and buy a shirt and tell them we exist by pure coincidence (and eat a taco).

I'll be in Canton for some reason other than the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in other words.

I do have tentative plans to have lunch with @MovieMaker5087, BTW. Forgot he lived there the last time we went in 2015 (to see Flight of the Conchords), but remembered to tell him this time.

I think I'll be going to that area in a couple years again. Football HOF rock and roll HOF and Cuyahoga National Park