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The Lost Weekend (1945)

Despite its release year this this feels very much ahead of its time and does not appear dated in the slightest. Ray Milland puts in a fantastic performance as a desperate alcoholic who does all he can to get that drink he craves. Aside from the ending which I didn't like, this is top tier Wilder.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

At first this seemed a little fake (I hated the music!), but the more everything starts to unravel, the more I liked it. It should have ended five minutes earlier than it did though.

Pretty Poison (1968)

World of Tomorrow

I wanted to love it. I liked it. One of the best animated shorts I've seen, but that's not saying much. Hertzfeldt is still bleak. The bare bones animation is a little less forgivable this time knowing he's using computers. The story is very dark and emotional, about a people in love with the idea of self preservation without having a self worth preserving. I don't like the ending. Emily 3's actions seem contradictory to everything her character has done, and it concludes with a completely unexplained deus ex machina because it has to for the purposes of time travel. But everything else is great. Made me sad, made me think about humanity. I didn't get any "dark comedy" out of it personally. Worth a watch, and only 18 minutes long.

Scary Movie 5

Death of a Cyclist (1955)


From the top 100 Noirs list, but it seemed less of a Noir than the others I've seen. The story had me intrigued, but I thought it played out on the bland side. At the very least, it's a good looking movie and well made. I just wish I could have been more interested.

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Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry very much reminds me of the films Crank and Crank II: High Voltage in that this film is balls to wall batsh*t f*cking insanity. Seriously, this will be unlike any actioner you ever watch, until of course Hardcore Henry 2 comes out. God I hope Hardcore Henry II comes out.
Judging from the BoxOffice....I wouldn't hold my breath.
"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."

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O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000)

May not be the best Coen Brothers film but still very good and well made. IMO they are definitely two of the top contemporary filmmakers.

The Color Wheel (2011)

Alex Ross Perry has a way of convincing you that he's another quirky indie director right up until he pulls the rug out from under your feet. The Color Wheel (2011) is as sweet as it is creepingly uncomfortable, which is quite the feat under such stigmatized circumstances. I'm not sure I've ever heard watched a film co-wrote by its co-stars, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing these two together again.
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Captain America: Civil War directed by Joe and Anthony Russo -

As visually impressive as it striking and powerful. Captain America: Civil War does an outstanding job of juggling a multitude of moving and important parts that it's absolutely ludicrous that the movie is as coherent as it is. But somehow it just works. I'm at a loss for words, as to how the Joe and Anthony Russo were able to craft something so compelling and thematically respectable, using superheroes to tell a serious and heavy story, while understanding and being more than willing to provide levity throughout the film. The fight scenes and choreography are tight and extremely well done, and while they do lose a little edge do to some fast editing, I won't knock how exhilarating certain scenes are throughout the film. They took big leaps with this movie and it sure paid off. And I'm very much taking into account that I just saw the movie, and I'm still dealing with the rush of anxiety that came with almost not getting in. But as I cool down I'm definitely feeling that excitement lifted. Not that you weren't already gonna see it, but if you weren't, I highly recommend it, based purely on it's wow fact, enjoyment, and great storytelling. I can't wait to see this again opening night.
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Best of 2015 - Mad Max: Fury Road -- Worst of 2015 - Jupiter Ascending
Best of 2014 - Nightcrawler -- Worst of 2014 - God's Not Dead

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Bad Boys II >>>>> Escape from New York
Bold words, dude. At least Escape From New York doesn't rip off a Jackie Chan movie for its climax.

Judging from the BoxOffice....I wouldn't hold my breath.
This reminded me of that one user from a few years back who was encouraging people to go and pay money to see Crank: High Voltage in order to convince the powers that be to produce a third Crank movie.

Last movie I saw...

Mud -

In hindsight, I probably should have seen this before seeing Joe. That way it wouldn't have been as much of a disappointment.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

"Only the strong" a cheesy movie about a teacher with a group of kids getting discipline through his martial arts training. it culminates in a battle with a gang.

so many of these people would be dead in real life. Bring a fist to a gang fight lol.

I'm not sure I've ever heard watched a film co-wrote by its co-stars, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing these two together again.
2/3 of the "Before" films