Whats the greatest Samuel L. Jackson Movie?


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Samuel L Jackson. He's been in tons of horrible and great movies and is great in all. What are the best?

Finished here. It's been fun.
Its Pulp Fiction, and you all know it. /thread

Jurassic Park...

... before he became an actor for hire and started accepting any old paycheque for stuff like Snakes On A Plane, Shaft, Star Wars, S.W.A.T, XxX, Terminator 3, Jumper and the RoboCop remake.
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The best movie he's involved in is The Avengers, followed by Jumper or The Incredibles. I'm not a fan of his.

I have seen a lot of his films, and enjoyed a lot of his roles from those movies. I like 1408, Django Unchained, and things like that, but they aren't my favorite moments for him specifically. I also enjoy him as Nick Fury, but it's not really a role that lets him show a lot of personality. I'd say his best role was in Pulp Fiction, the role was literally written for him, and he took it and ran.

Any takers for Snakes on a Plane? I recall hearing that the producers changed the name of the movie when Jackson objected to something bland like "Terror at 30,000 Feet". He insisted on going straight to the real issue and after all, what could be worse than an airplane full of venomous snakes?

The best movie he's involved in is The Avengers, followed by Jumper or The Incredibles. I'm not a fan of his.
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Best movie he was ever in was Goodfellas but that does not really count because he has such a small part. His character was Stacks Edwards.

Pulp Fiction was definitely his best movie

A funny movie he was in was Loaded Weapon 1
Stallone is my hero!

His best movie and performance was Pulp Fiction. Ok now that we got that out of the way.

My Favorite Movie that he is the lead: The Negotiator

My Favorite Performance of his: Django Unchained (Him and Leo should have been nominated instead of Waltz) (Honorable mention: Jackie Brown)

My Favorite Cameo of his: Out Of Sight

The best movie he's involved in is The Avengers, followed by Jumper or The Incredibles. I'm not a fan of his.
Jumper was a piece of poo
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Y'know, I really loved him in The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Obviously not the greatest film he's been in but eff it.
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Pulp Fiction

Django Unchained


Kill Bill 2
Jackie Brown
Jurassic Park

Star Wars I

Star Wars II
Star Wars III

Not his best performance, as it is only a supporting role (though with a couple of key scenes), but a consistently underrated movie Sam appeared in the same year as Pulp Fiction is Boaz Yakin's Fresh (1994). Gritty and clever. Love it. Kasi Lemmon's directorial debut Eve's Bayou (1997) is another good, underseen film of Sam's.

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Ah, yes. I forgot about Jackie Brown. He was good in that one.

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The Negotiator
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