Man suffers heart attack - discovered dead on sofa by friend/lover.


British, 2010s, probably a TV miniseries, but might be a movie (definitely not a soap opera).
Details are sketchy. A female character is very fond of a work colleague (might be her employer), and I believe they are approaching retirement age. There are problems of some kind at the workplace - which might have been an ad agency business (uncertain of that point), and toward the end the male character agrees to retire (sell the company?) and begin a happy life with the female character.

It ends very sadly when the female discovers her colleague has died suddenly of natural causes. He has fixed himself a drink, taken a rest on a sofa, and I think we see the glass fall from his hand. She finds him shortly after. This tragic scene was very well staged and I was moved by the performances of these two actors.


This mystery is solved. A wonderful person on another forum has identified this.
It's from a 2009 UK Series called 'Monday Monday'. The scene in question takes place in episode 7, season one.

'Grats on getting it resolved, nice of you to come back to let people here know and mark it answered
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