Miss Vicky's 100 Favorite Movies

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52. Blood Diamond (2006)

Director: Edward Zwick
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly

Why I Love It: The performances, especially the dynamic between DiCaprio and Connelly's characters. This was also one of the first films where I truly took notice of DiCaprio not just for his talent but also for his sex appeal - something I feel he lacked in prior roles.

Yes, I'm glad to see Blood Diamond here!
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51. Chicken Run (2000)

Directors: Peter Lord and Nick Park
Cast: Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson, Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks, Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton, Benjamin Whitrow, Tony Haygarth

Why I Love It: It's social commentary with chickens. It's really funny and has a great voice cast. Also, how awesome are Nick and Fetcher? This is among the very best in stop motion animation and is probably the film most responsible for renewing my love of animated movies.

The Brave Little Weeman Returns!
Chicken Run (AKA The Great Chicken Escape) is fantastic, and I'm very glad you've put it on here
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Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Not seen any of the last 3 although both Blood Diamond and Chicken Run I've been meaning to watch for quite a while.

Also the minions are hilarious.
Oh I the minions!!!

If you've seen it of course what did you think of the sequel? And also do you know that the minions are getting their own spin-off film next year?

Oh I the minions!!!

If you've seen it of course what did you think of the sequel? And also do you know that the minions are getting their own spin-off film next year?
The sequel was cute but, as with most sequels, it fell short of the original. Sad to say, though, it's one of the best new movies I've seen this year.

As for the spin-off minions movie, color me skeptical. I know this is a different studio and different movie franchise, but my favorite character of the Shrek series is Puss In Boots and his spinoff movie was utter sh*t.

+reps for Inglorious Bastards and National Lampoon Christmas, haven't seen the rest
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

hk - +rep for liking Heathers but how the hell have you not seen Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade?
It's Indiana Jones and Sean Connery? At what point do you think I thought that sounded like a fun time?

It's a case of near hate for Christmas Vacation, but that's mainly because I don't like National Lampoon's films and have been 'forced' to see this a few times. I have Blood Diamond, but haven't seen it and it's possible I could like Despicable Me, should I ever see it. I've no interest in the rest.
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You have a problem with Indiana Jones?

I guess you must just hate fun, then.

Chicken Run and Christmas Vacation are really good. I've seen the end of Blood Diamond and I liked what I saw. Inglorious Basterds is good, but overrated. I didn't care for The Sandlot and I really didn't like Despicable Me, but it's been a really interesting list so far.

You have a problem with Indiana Jones?
I guess must just hate fun, then.[/quote]
Not a problem, so much, it's just not of interest to me. Raiders was OK the first few times I saw it. I don't like Westerns and I don't like 'Boys Own' adventure stuff.

50. Over The Hedge (2006)

Directors: Tim Johnson, Karey Kirkpatrick
Cast: Bruce Willis, Gary Shandling, Steve Carell, Wanda Sykes, William Shatner, Nick Nolte, Thomas Hayden Church, Allison Janney, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'hara, Avril Lavigne

Why I Love It: It's social commentary with wildlife - a light hearted look at modern suburban life and our collective obsession with food. The characters are all very cute and very funny and they feature an exceptionally great voice cast.

49. Casualties Of War (1989)

Director: Brian De Palma
Cast: Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Don Harvey, John C. Reilly, John Leguizamo, Thuy Thu Le, Ving Rhames, Dale Dye

Why I Love It: It’s a war movie that actually moves me. Most war movies I’ve seen are too chaotic and are violent to the point of being sensory overload, leaving me with a numb, emotionless feeling. This movie does not. It focuses on a small group of soldiers and on one specific incident that divides and destroys them. Sean Penn is a disturbingly charismatic wonder as group leader Sgt Meserve and Thuy Thu Le turns in an astounding and heartbreaking performance as a farm girl who is abducted by the soldiers to be used as “a little portable R & R.”

48. School Ties (1992)

Director: Robert Mandel
Cast: Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, Chris O'Donnell, Randall Batinkoff, Andrew Lowery, Cole Hauser, Ben Affleck, Anthony Rapp, Amy Locane, Zeljko Ivanek

Why I Love It: It’s a very moving film about honor and prejudice. Brendan Fraser (looking better than ever) turns in one of his finest dramatic performances as a Jewish boy in the 1950s recruited by a private Christian high school to revive their struggling football team. There he struggles against anti-Semitism, jealousy, and wrongful accusations. The film is also interesting in that it features early performances from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris O’Donnell.

Casualties and School Ties are both films I saw a long time ago and liked well enough but have no emotional ties to. Your list is reminding me of a lot of movies I saw once and liked but never revisited. It just makes me realize my watchlist could be infinite if I let it

Have never seen School ties better look it up
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Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
I'm a fan of the first two there, not seen School Ties although I've been interested in it for a few years because I like both Matt Damon and Brendan Fraser. I've got it recorded it somewhere, will need to look it out.

Still loving your list by the way Vicky. A really individual and personal effort with lots of fun films. It's also the kind of list where you really can't predict whatsoever what's going to come next which adds a great deal of interest.

Have you seen The Year of Living Dangerously? 1982 movie starring Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hunt. I think it's your kind of movie. You might like it.

I have School Ties -- but I haven't finished it.

We should watch Casualties of War together sometime.

Thumbs up for Indiana Jones, Heathers, and Casualties of War.

Vacation is a favorite of mine but I could never get into Christmas Vacation.