What was the last movie you saw at the theaters?


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God you havn't been to the theater in a while.
Ya well I would rather stay at home and watch movies that way it does not cost me a fortune and I can pause the movie for a smoke break any time I want.

Ya well I would rather stay at home and watch movies that way it does not cost me a fortune and I can pause the movie for a smoke break any time I want.
Oh ok I did not realize you cared about how much money you spent

Movies I last saw in the theatre: Winter's Bone, Goodfellas, and The Town.
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The last movie I saw at the theater was Tron: Legacy (3D Imax). It was a nice move, I like this movie so much. It was to good.3D imagery is cool.

The last movie I saw was Black Swan, and next week I'm going to watch The King's Speech.
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went to see Rango last night, brilliant film but the atmosphere was completely ruined by anooying children sat in front of me who wouldn't stop talking.


Sucker Punch...

it's everything you would expect of a Zach Snyder film. Now, it leaves me wondering about what he plans to do with Superman
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i watched sucker punch.

man it was a visual feast. it was a zach snyder film to the core which means his specialty has always been CG. the story was "okay" meaning there is one but there isn't a lot of complications and characters are pretty much one dimensional but as i've said, the film was for a different purpose.

it's a celebration of snyder's skills and a prelude to superman.

i like it.

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams (3D)

This film's high point comes when the alluringly 'fresh' cave paintings are allowed to speak for themselves, with the camera lingering on them accompanied by nothing but music & some play with light and time. For the rest of its run time the speculation of eccentrics forms something of an obscuring cloud. Herzog has unearthed some gems as always, but is also increasingly becoming one of them himself (wittering no end of speculative non-sequiturs about albino crocodiles and the like).

Still, a passionate, personal project which should speak to anyone who sees it. The 3D doesn't add a huge amount (other than accentuating the curves of the rock that the artists used to give shape & poise to the animals). I was slightly surprised that Herzog didn't take the scientists to task on their wilder speculations (as he did in Wild Blue Yonder), but as a corollory he left room for us to dream our own dreams about the people who intertwined bulls with pudenda, put leopards heads on statues, & crafted some very beautiful sights indeed.

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The last movie I saw at cinema was "The Next Three Days"..!!
It was a good movie to watch and Me, my friends really enjoyed watching it..!!!
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last movie i saw in theaters was batman

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Just saw Source Code. I liked it, but Moon much was better. Source Code was basically Moon with a bigger budget now that Duncan Jones is getting some ink.
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