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Avengers: Infinity War Full 💯

Un dollaro tra i denti [A Stranger In Town aka For A Dollar In The Teeth] (Luigi Vanzi, 1967)

There's gold in them thar bags!
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terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

Four Rooms (1995)

''I’m in a situation I can’t begin to explain.''

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A night to forget! Watched with some friends last night, they choose this films, they aren't my friends anymore.

It's getting worse at every view!

Tom Hanks was good!
“We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it.”

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Idiocracy - 7/10

I saw this 10 years ago and wanted to see it again. Great themes, but mostly stupid... I really wish Mike Judge goes back to making Beavis & Butthead

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Grey Gardens (1975)

Bizarre but really interesting documentary. Watched it with my wife who left it after about 20 minutes and honestly, at the time I couldn't blame her. A mother and daughter live in a filthy run-down mansion will not sound that appealing to watch but the characters are just so eccentric that it becomes almost entrancing. At times it was verging on disturbing and really depressing and despite how vile the property was, you felt sorry for them, especially the daughter who was obviously so lonely. The fact that the women were close enough relatives of Jackie Onassis only adds to how fascinating this is.

I cant believe I'm rating it as high as this but

Edit; cheers Chyp.
This is one I didn't finish, but "Salesman" is one of the greatest documentaries, and I really think you'd like it.The one on Marlon Brando is good as well.. I thought about trying to see that again...

Here's the ENTIRE doc -

A night to forget! Watched with some friends last night, they choose this films, they aren't my friends anymore.

I'm becoming the King of Classic Hollywoodness! That's all I feel like watching lately!

Just got done with The Deer Hunter. Ok, it was "good" but am I missing something?

All the hype for what? Friendship?

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

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I've been pretty busy but here's one I saw recently

The visitor 1979. 7 / 10

" The soul of a young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the prize in a fight between forces of God and the Devil"

- a good movie with alot of
Similarities/homages ?? to " the omen 1,2,3 and 4" even the same guy from Damien the omen II is in it...( Lance henrickson) a weird coincidence...? I don't know about the ending...

I barely heard of an Italian remake / rip off of the omen the other day. Called holocaust 2000... IDK... Anyone seen it...?

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Finally, the film that is the first part of the culmination of ten years of Marvel films, all of which I enjoyed, of course some more than others. But I put this one right at the top of the pile. The story gives you a halfway resolution to the story of the Infinity Stones, a subplot that has been running through all of the movies. Halfway I say, because naturally a story this big and with so many characters cannot be resolved in just one movie. This one clocks in at just one minute shy of two-and-a-half-hours. But the film flies by. It is a truly epic palette on which our superheroes paint their picture.

We have bad guy Thanos, who has been shown mainly in fleeting glimpses in several of the movies, starting with the original The Avengers (2012) (at the end of the movie in one of the now-famous after-credits scenes). But we know that he is one of the biggest bad guys our heroes have ever faced and the story tells us that if he gets all the gems he's hunting down to place with the "Infinity Gauntlet" on his hand, he will be able to wipe out a great portion of life in the universe with "a snap of his fingers." And the fight to stop him and his cronies is on from the first of the movie, with
WARNING: spoilers below
The Hulk, Heimdall, Loki, and Thor unable to stop him from their ship in space, and Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner (have to see the movie to see how he's on Earth all of sudden when he was in space minutes ago), Vision and Scarlett Witch failing to stop his cronies on Earth, at least at first.
That's how relentless that even the first third of the movie is. The stakes are for real, and the movie makes you worry about our heroes.

The special effects have to be mentioned because they are flawless and never take you out of the movie with a misstep in execution. As for the film, there are so many great moments that it's hard to break them down into favorites but I'll give a shot at a few: Spider-Man swinging under a bridge, hanging low and skimming his feet across the water; Bruce Banner in his Tony-Stark-made Hulkbuster suit that is essentially a big, fat Iron Man suit made for the Hulk; Thor
WARNING: spoilers below
being rescued by The Guardians of the Galaxy and forming a friendship with Rocket Raccoon, of all characters, and constantly calling Rocket a rabbit. Strangely, Rocket, although wondering why he's being called that, doesn't get mad and is very chill with it
;the humor, which is mostly relegated to the first two-thirds of the movie and is fairly scattershot as this is a fairly dark chapter for the Marvel heroes. Like the previously mentioned
WARNING: spoilers below
Rocket being called a rabbit; Star-Lord being jealous, in a very amusing way, of his crew oohing-and-aahing over a unconscious Thor's super-masculine form; Peter Parker and his gee-whiz, semi-innocent remarks and pop culture callbacks to help him and his friends out; Tony Stark fumbling a bit in Doctor Strange's mansion and almost damaging a very important magic vessel of Strange's that's made to look like a giant urn and Strange's physical reaction to that; the gigantic final battle that takes place in Wakanda, Black Panther's home, and the almost sense-numbing non-stop fury of said battle.

The acting is fine, with pretty much every character getting their special moment, but for me, the movie is almost stolen by Josh Brolin as Thanos, who, to the writers' credit, is not just a one-note bad guy, but a being with a purpose, however misguided that purpose is. He's evil, but he doesn't think he is. One moment he'll seem almost reasonable, the next he's committing murder. But sometimes, it bothers him...sometimes. I was a bit bothered by the trailers and the look of Thanos' face--it seemed to be not too realistic in a way good CGI should be, to me, but on the big screen, Thanos looked completely realistic, and Brolin's features showed through the animation but not to where you felt cheated. Every change or flicker on Thanos' face was sold because of Brolin and he deserves the lion's share of credit for the character's success.

There are some deaths, which is righteous or otherwise we as an audience might not care or be invested. But...
WARNING: spoilers below
as some of the good guy or gals who don't make it have other movies already announced, you know they'll be back somehow in the next movie.
There is only one after-credits scene and it comes at the very end of the movie, with bad things afoot and someone being called in to help. Won't say who, but I'm pretty sure I know. Anyway, terrific time at the cinema.

"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

I barely heard of an Italian remake / rip off of the omen the other day. Called holocaust 2000... IDK... Anyone seen it...?
I have. It was pretty fun. Of course Morricone's soundtrack deserves mention, and Kirk Douglas delivered.

I have. It was pretty fun. Of course Morricone's soundtrack deserves mention, and Kirk Douglas delivered.
Kirk Douglas never played a postman in it?????