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Barfly (1987)

Rourke and Dunaway are both great in this and even though its about quite a serious subject in alcoholism, its still light-hearted enough to be funny. Apparently partly based on life of Bukowski himself.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

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The Palm Beach Story (1942)

I tried this because it's on the top 100 laughs list, even though I'm not a big fan of the old classic comedies. It's fast paced and very pleasant to watch. Claudette Colbert plays one of the leads and is delightful. She makes the film. Joel McCrea as the other lead is a little bland, something I often think of his performances. The supporting cast is pretty good.

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

This might just do nobody any good.

2016 was the year of holding back emotions, it seems.

This was very good. A heartfelt and detailed look at grief that's also surprisingly charming. Affleck is so muted and controlled here. It's microscopic work that in retrospect becomes a career defining performance. He's cemented himself as one of the greats, as long as you can separate the artist from his art.

Douglas Hedges is also very good here. He's where the majority of the film's charm comes from.

I'm also betting $100 that Marvel scoops him up for Harry Osborn in the next Spider-Man.

The movie is really all them with occasional breaks from reliable character actors. I'm surprise how much attention Michelle Williams got. She's almost a cameo.

Again, this is probably the most muted film of the year. Don't go into this expecting much melodrama. Watch it attentively.


"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

Enter the Warrior's Gate - written by the Taken duo of Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen and directed by Cockneys vs. Zombies' Matthias Hoene. A teen video gamer (Uriah Shelton), mistaken for his avatar enters a portal to ancient China and teams up with a loyal soldier (Mark Chao) and a funny wizard (Francis Ng) to save a princess (Ni Ni) from a barbarian leader (Dave Bautista). Fun mix of action and comedy that may be reminiscent of The Forbidden Kingdom, but has some nice twists and even the villain's henchman brings some comic relief.

Final Rating: B

Black Site Delta - Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down,Twilight) and Teri Reeves (Chicago Fire, Once Upon a Time) play two members of a band of military prisoners who must become unlikely heroes when they learn that 1) a terrorist/mercenary unit has come to the prison and 2) the prison is actually a cover for a drone facility. I love indie action and this was actually a pretty good action film making good use of its stars, especially Reeves as the mysterious Vasquez, in a role usually expected by perhaps a pro wrestler/big man type and Gigandet at the leader of this new "Dirty half-Dozen".

Final Rating: B
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28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds

(Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman)

I would never think something like this could happen, until last year when everyone went crazy over Pokemon Go. Nerve dials into the Millennial and Gen Z population who are obsessed with tech devices, gaining immediate gratification from viewer recognition and thrill seeking stupidity. Taking cues from Scoresese's After Hours, Nerve takes place over the course of 24 hours and ups the ante in terms of absurdity and danger for our characters.

Venus, or Vee, as she likes to be called, is embarrassed by her best friend when she tells a cute boy that Vee likes him. She's not my type he says. Determined to change people's minds about her introvert personality, she signs up to be a player in an online/real world game known as Nerve. It's a truth or dare styled game, minus the truth. You could be a watcher, paying $20 an hour to watch people play, or be a player and earn a lot of cash based on the dares from the watchers. Vee is dared to kiss a random stranger for 5 seconds, so she picks Ian, played by Dave Franco. After the kiss, he starts singing about how much in love he is with her, she soon realizes that he's also playing the game, as is half of New York. The dares get more dangerous, people's lives are at stake and if Vee tries to warn anyone about the game, it may cost her her own life. Do You Want To Play?

Retro neon covers the screen, giving this film a unique look that stands out compared to other teen flicks. Teens obsessed with their online profile are at the centre of this story and it criticizes how we as a society are hungry for more violence, sex and harm to others. Is this generation of kids rabid for the wrong thing? Who knows, Nerve barely scratches that surface, instead it wants to wow you with what edge of the seat death defying stunt the characters do next, whether it be driving on a motorcycle blindfolded or hanging from a construction crane with one hand. It's a little thrilling, but the film doesn't push the envelope enough. I would have expected more bodily harm for crazier amounts of cash, but for the most part it felt a little tame.

Young girls seem to be the target audience here and I feel like they would like the film. Franco does his charm thing, while having a wild side that I'm sure the girls fall for. Many can see themselves in Emma Roberts shoes. The fast pace and friendly stars help move this film along. Once you think about the fundamentals of everything, it starts to fall apart. Ignore logic, accept the realm of many possibilities and you'll have an okay time.
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Stray Dog (1949)


Kurosawa directs Mifune as a rookie homicide cop who gets his gun pickpocketed on a bus. The dude from Ikiru is a veteran cop who helps him out. They follow lead after lead and suspect after suspect until we get to the end. The movie looks great and becomes very involving. It was just missing the big moment I needed for it to become a favorite.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was well worth the wait and a great sequel to what honestly was one of the biggest surprises of 2015. While I still prefer the original over this sequel, I find that it complements and expands on theÖ galaxy set by the original. James Gunn continues to deliver his vision in a Marvel universe, something that Edgar Wright found to be almost impossible. I can only hope that Thor Ragnarokhor is also the singular vision of its director; Taika Waititi. I was emotionally invested in a tiny humanoid tree and thatís why I love movies.

Full review over at my site!

The Social Network (2010) -

Why the hell does Fincher not have an Oscar?

Originally Posted by Iroquois
To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) -

Despite being made by the same people, Vol. 2 seems like a sequel made by another director trying way too hard to prove that they knew why audiences loved the first Guardians film, and completely missing the point in the process.

While Volume 2 is underwhelming at best (and tedious at its worst), there is still quite a bit here to enjoy, especially for fans of the comics. I was a little worried about how a particular character would be represented in the film, but I was actually rather impressed with how they managed to blend both the image of the classic version with their cinematic counterpart. There are things I enjoyed in vol 2, but they were unfortunately dragged down by overused jokes, an unnecessarily long runtime, and a plot that doesn't seem to flow very well, which seems to go out of its way to separate the main characters for arbitrary reasons.

I saw the first Guardians of the Galaxy in theatres 5 times. I honestly don't know if I'll rewatch Vol 2 when it comes out on DVD.

I haven't seen the first one and i'm not sure if i ever will. That slightly surprised me though as i've actually read a few opinions that the second one is better, well not read actually just read the first few sentences that tries to establish the second one as superior.

I was going to jokingly say that those people are wrong, but I didn't want anyone to think I was serious.

For me, despite trying to go in with low expectations, Vol 2 was just okay. It didn't even remotely capture the magic that the first film had, at least for me. The music wasn't as good either. I did, however, get one of those awesome IMAX posters that is going on my wall despite my indifference towards the film.

I was underwhelmed by the sequel as well and for a lot of the same reasons...

I'll have to see it again to cement my opinion because on one side I enjoyed because I like the characters I liked some of the gags and jokes but overall it was a mess and tried too hard - though I gotta find out of big of a problem that might be for a revisit. It's just one of those movies where you perhaps want to like it more than you actually did. But we'll see...

I liked the first one, but not enough to be interested in the sequel.
I repped you by accident here, was repping Cosmic and MM and i just carried on with you for some reason. I want that back at a later date