The Resident Bitch's New Top 100 Favorite Films

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
(Steven Spielberg, 1989)
Previous Rankings: 2010 - N/A, 2013 - 56

I don't think I really need to explain why I love this: It's a fun and funny adventure. But for me this isn't the best of the Indy movies (and no, Raiders isn't either) but that one will come much later.

The Last Samurai
(Edward Zwick, 2003)
Previous Rankings: 2010 - N/A, 2013 - 66

While this may be a typical case of making a foreign culture palatable to Western audiences by looking at it through a white man's eyes, it's still a very well acted, moving, and beautifully shot film.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of Guest's other work and didn't like Spinal Tap at all, but this one really works for me. I think it's helped tremendously by the fact that I really enjoy the music in it. I have the soundtrack on CD actually.
I still have a couple to go but this was my favorite Guest so far. Good stuff. Willard's character is so great.

All i remember about The Last Samurai is that i didn't like it much, but i felt the same about Romper Stomper and while i still don't like it much i at least appreciate it as a much better film than American History X.

Last Crusade is fun. I like it less than both Raiders and Temple but i enjoy watchiing it.

Ernest et Célestine
Ernest & Celestine
(Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, and Benjamin Renner, 2012)
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Gorgeous animation, a heartwarming story and charming characters make this tale of social outcasts a real treat. I've never actually watched this movie in its original French dub, but I do love the performances of the English dub, with Forest Whitaker's gruff voice a perfect fit for a bear.

(Gus Van Sant, 2008)
Previous Rankings: 2010 - 12, 2013 - 20

With an incredible cast, great performances and a story that feels both sobering and empowering, this is by far my favorite live action film of 2008.

Encino Man
(Les Mayfield, 1992)
Previous Rankings: 2010 - N/A, 2013 - 30

Is this tale of a couple of high school nobodies who find a frozen caveman in the backyard, thaw him out, and use him to try to seem cool really stupid? Absolutely. Is it also genuinely funny and even heartfelt at times? You betcha.

Never seen any of those. Going to try and watch Ernest & Celestine for the tournament, will have to watch it subbed though.
I doubt you'll like Encino Man. It came out when I was 11, so I was at a good age to appreciate its rather juvenile humor. But I appreciate its more emotional moments now and I think Fraser's performance was great.

Not sure what you'll think about the other two. Ernest & Celestine is directed by the same guys who did A Town Called Panic, but their similarities end there. Milk is a very powerful drama and I think Penn and Josh Brolin turned in some really outstanding performances. James Franco was really good, too. But I kind of doubt it would be your thing.

I'm sure Milk is good i've always been put off because i know the story though. And yeah Encino Man doesn't look like it would be for me; maybe when i was younger.

Massive rep for The Last Samurai! One of my favorites as well!

My favourite movie ever when I was 10. Then I grew up.
Saw it in the theater when I was 12 and I still love it! It's not deeply philosophical or anything but for me it's Hollywood Entertainment at its best.

Going to when it comes up in the Animated Film Tournament if you were talking to me. Watching Stalker in about an hour; somehow it's my first Tarkovsky.

Milk (Gus Van Sant, 2008), good choice! It's a powerful movie without being cliched or spoon feeding emotions to the audience. Sean Penn is a master at portraying vastly different characters. Just watch Milk and Causality of War back to back. The guys amazing.