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The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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Oh it's got to be The Incredibles

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It's not a ''kids movie'' it is a movie about a simple life, about nature, about imagination that everyone can enjoy. Also, it's one of the most rewatchable movie there is because there is not really a story.
Not everyone and I'll most likely never watch it again.

Oh it's got to be The Incredibles
What has got to be?

Oh I forgot to say, I wonder how annoyed Daniel's getting that The Nightmare Before Christmas still hasn't shown up yet?

WARNING: "Guess What?" spoilers below
It's not going to show up tomorrow, either.

Odd question but did anyone vote for The Spongebob Squarepants Movie? I did and I'm kinda surprised it's not here, was totally expecting it to be the low-end ranks (90-100).
I was expecting that too! It was my 24 and my fourth favorite Spongebob Episode only surpassed by Idiot Box, Chocolate with Nuts and The Camping Episode!

Also did anyone vote for The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh? It was my 21.

I don't like Totoro. It's the only Ghibli film I have seen so far that I didn't like. Like what Miss. Vicky said, I didn't like the characters but I didn't find the creatures to be creepy like her. Plus the Catbus and Totoro were the main inspirations for Appa so I give the movie props for that!

Oh I forgot to say, I wonder how annoyed Daniel's getting that The Nightmare Before Christmas still hasn't shown up yet?
I'm annoyed that it hasn't showed up yet. That just means it's really high.

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I absolutely love How To Train Your Dragon and it was on my list.

Despite really like the design of the nonhuman characters, I could barely get through My Neighbor Tortoro. The parts where I'm not mildly annoyed I am completely bored.

17. Fantastic Mr. Fox - Voting Stats

Total Points: 396
Part of a Numeric Tie? No.
25 Votes: 1st Place (25 pts.), Five 2nd Place (24 pts. each), 5th Place (21 pts.), 6th Place (20 pts.), Three 7th Place (19 pts. each), 9th Place (17 pts.), Two 10th Place (16 pts. each), 11th Place (15 pts.), 13th Place (13 pts.), Two 15th Place (11 pts. each), Two 16th Place (10 pts. each), 17th Place (9 pts.), 18th Place (8 pts.), 19th Place (7 pts.), Two 21st Place (5 pts. each)

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*punches self in face*

I completely spaced out and forgot to include Mr. Fox on my list...arg!!!
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I didn't care at all for this one.

I don't think I ever read the book when I was a kid, so I can't compare it to that, but I really didn't like the look the characters in this one or that Wes Anderson brand of quirk.

Seds - Your vote wouldn't have put Mr. Fox any higher on the list.

Kind of bummed, I was hoping for top 5 for Mr. Fox. It was my #1. What can I say, Anderson writes great dialogue and draws amazing characters. Then he drops them in unique worlds that feel original and lived in. Either you get it or you don't. HK don't and his film life must be torture because of it.

Very nearly made my list.

I saw it about 2 days before deadline. Never liked the book, hated it... we did it as a project at school and it became like Shakespeare in that all the kids in class hated it too.

The film is much better. I'd have put it around 26th-27th if we could pick 30.
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There are six reviews of Fantastic Mr. Fox in the Reviews area, with an average rating of 4.16. Here's mine, in case anyone's interested. Quick excerpt:

Aesthetically, the film is full of unusual, effective choices. Anderson correctly calculates that stop-go animation will stand out like a sore thumb alongside the flurry of computer generated family films, and embraces the difference by shooting at 12 frames per second rather than the usual 24. The result gives each movement a sudden and exaggerated feel that dovetails perfectly with the film's half-reality.
I'm slightly surprised to see Fantastic Mr. Fox this low. I definitely thought it was one of the harder films to peg, position-wise, though. As low as 20 and as high as 7 or 8, I thought, ultimately dragged down only by/if the fact that it might not be quite as widely seen, and because a few people just flat-out wouldn't dig on Anderson's style (I do, for what it's worth). This is a reasonable place for it, though, and very near to my own placement (#18). At this point virtually every film could make an argument for being higher, but gets crowded out by the glut of quality near the top.

Wasn't a huge fan of Fantastic Mr. Fox the first time I watched it, but as I became more and more familiar with Wes Anderson's work I sort of knew more about these worlds he created and the style present in his film.

So after a rewatch I can happily say that Fantastic Mr. Fox landed solid on #5 on my list. Animation and Anderson is a perfect combination, especially when it's stop-motion, and everything just works in this film. I even read the book and I loved it as well even when reading it for the first time just recently.

I did hope it would break the top 10 though. But I can accept top 20.

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