The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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I had Waking Life at #20. Surreal and experimental mind****. I loved it.

I almost voted for Grinch, I really liked it, but in the end no shorts made my list. Didn't care for Howl's Moving Castle, thought it was one of Mayazaki's weakest. Frozen is great, but only on classic Disney/Pixar greatness and not enough to really stand out for me.

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My list so far***************************************************************** Its Place in the Countdown

4. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit-Wallace and Grommit*********************************58
7. Bambi******************************************* ******************************************50
10. Le Planete Sauvage********************************************************************45
20. Corpse Bride ****************************************************************************69
21. Ice Age***************************************************************************Missed the Cut
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My thoughts on 100-39

96. It's Such a Beautiful Day- People already know this, but I watched this for the Hall of Fame and I just wasn't very impressed. I already have made the comparison of it feeling like an animated comic strip, and to me that's what it is. I just didn't like it much at all. The story was nothing special, and while I can give credit for the animation technique, it's not something I will watch again more than likely.

92. Fox and the Hound- I like the story well enough, but when you compare it to other Disney works it does not measure up for me. It's a decent film, but it's middle tier Disney for me. There are some great scenes and the end is well executed.

91. Shrek 2- This was my number 19. I usually believe that sequels generally will not live up to their former films, but this one is probably on par with the original Shrek. The characters and the parodies are what draw me to the film. It's something different, and its also probably the last time Eddie Murphy made me laugh, which is a damn shame because he used to be one of my favorite comedians. But I can truly saw I enjoy watching this film.

87. 101 Dalmatians- Kind of like how I felt about Fox and the Hound, I enjoy it but to me it's middle tier Disney. Now, it has a great villains but it really doesn't have a memorable story or memorable scenes for me. But I can understand why it was on the list and in a top 100 it was in about the right place.

81. Ponyo- I really like Miyazaki. My wife has had this movie for a long time and I just finally got to it this year. This is probably my least favorite, but it really is something that I can still appreciate. Still glad to see it make the list, I just don't see it as magical as some of his other films though.

79. Lady and the Tramp- What I like best about this film is the two memorable scenes. The Siamese song and then the spaghetti dinner scene. Those are two of the most classic animated scenes in the history of animation, so nostalgia really wins in this aspect. About ten or so other Disneys I prefer over it though.

78. Charlie Brown Christmas- I just realized a lot of my wife's favorites have made this list thus far, so had she submitted a ballot a bunch of these could be higher. She really likes this one. I'm fairly impartial to it, but I suppose it's a classic. Like I said, shorts and animated films are like a comparison of apples and oranges for me.

75. Watership Down- People will hate me, but I wasn't drawn into the themes of this film, therefore I didn't care for it. Other than one more that I will talk about soon, this could be my least favorite of the bunch.

72. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer- a classic for sure. Like Sean, I didn't include it because I didn't want shorts on my list, but this is perhaps one of two that garnered serious consideration for it. The songs are grand and the characters like the Abominable are memorable. It's just a magical film chalked up to nostalgia.

68. PMMM- One of the worst films that I had ever seen.

59. Jungle Book- It's a fun ride, I would put it in tier 2 of the classic disney films. I like a lot of the characters and the setting in the jungle has always made it fun. I believe my favorite character is Baloo, but Kaa is pretty darn awesome as well. I really need to REWATCH this as it has been ages.

57. Charlotte's Web- As I stated in a previous post, Charlotte's Web was my number 18. It is a film that I saw as a small child and did not revisit until this very year. It's trifecta of great characters in Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton is the main reason why I love it. The story of friendship is well executed and its a film that brings about many a positive messages.

56. Castle in the Sky- This was my number 22. Like all Miyazaki's, it's a very magical film. I think I would like it even better upon a Rewatch. The setting that Miyazaki creates for the film is what makes it such an easy film to love. This is a movie that could shoot even further up my list in the future.

54. Sleeping Beauty- it's been ages since I've actually seen this, but I did think it was a really good film. The colors of the animation are what draw me in. Maleficient is a really good villain too, one of the more memorable that a Disney film has had. I look forward to seeing this one again.

52. The Simpsons Movie- I am a pretty decent fan of the TV show but this was just ok for me. I actually thought it would be a lot worse than it ended up being because many a times TV doesn't translate well to film. But in the end I would just classify it as an average animated film.

50. Bambi- This was never really a film that I loved, but I can certainly see its appeal. I'd actually put it into tier 3 Disney, if I had to choose.

49. Dumbo- underrated Disney film that would make my top 40 had we made them instead. I like the themes that are brought about in the film, many a touching scenes and many other memorable moments. Another one that if I see it again could change my opinion in where I would place it. And of course the Mr. Stork song is pretty legendary too.

45. Fantastic Planet- this was my number 8. What I like about the film the most is that it is a film that makes you think and it is a very complex film where it is hard to understand everything that is going on the first time. This type of animation really intrigues me, it almost has an art house type of appearance to it. It really feels like a seventies movie. Oh, and that soundtrack is rather addictive and I really enjoy it. Catchy tunes always move a movie up a notch. It was a really fun podcast to be a part of as well.

43. Porco Rosso- This is the first film to appear that would have made my list had I actually seen it in time. It's either my third or fourth favorite Miyazaki if I had to choose, Porco is a really interesting character and the story is very engaging to me. Miyazaki wins yet again.

42. How the Grinch Stole Christmas- this is the short that nearly broke unto my list, but I decide against it. That could have been a mistake as this is a classic and I nearly have the entire thing memorized. Truly great animation here! I used to watch this every year at my grandmas house so it gets nostalgia points for that as well.

40. Frozen- I didn't really like it. My wife really likes it. I think it is one of those films that you either love or hate, but I can see its appeal to some. For some, it brought the magic back for Disney. Unfortunately, it didn't do enough to win me over.

39. Howls Moving Castle- I'm rather surprised that was higher than the likes of Porco Rosso and Castle in the Sky. This was the first Miyazaki film that I had seen, but it didn't have my full attention as I was blind to the greatness of Miyazakis work. But I don't think it's at the top of Miyazakis filmography anyways, though that doesn't make it a bad film. My wife on the other hand, this is actually one of her favorite movies of all-time.

I didn't include to comment on films that I didn't feel I could accurately judge, such as Hercules, Tarzan, and Anastasia. I have seen them, but it's either been so long or I was too young to remember the finer details.

I think there is a lot of greatness left and the top 38 will include 16 of my top 25 favorites of all time, so Mofos definitely got a good portion of this right .

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was #15 on my list. It's a classic holiday cartoon that we watch every year.

Frozen is a great movie, but I think it's a bit overrated. It didn't make my list, but I'm glad to see that it made the countdown.

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Nostromo, that was epic. I think that you just won the internet.

Howl's Moving Castle is easily my favorite Miyazaki film. It is spectacularly animated, amazingly voice cast and thrillingly wrtitten. It's hard to think of any film, animated or live action, that I enjoy more.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite Christmas special, which I recently detailed on my blog. My favorite thing about it is that Boris Karloff, of all people, narrates it.

Frozen is awesome, to be sure. I never seemed to like it quite as much as other people (who seem to either gloss over or not care about its flaws in general), but it is a brilliant return to form for Disney all the same.
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38. Kiki's Delivery Service - Voting Stats

Total Points: 168
Part of a Numeric Tie? No.
13 Votes: 3rd Place (23 pts.), 5th Place (21 pts.), 6th Place (20 pts.), 8th Place (18 pts.), 9th Place (17 pts.), 13th Place (13 pts.), 15th Place (11 pts.), Two 16th Place (10 pts. each), 18th Place (8 pts.), Two 20th Place (6 pts. each), 21st Place (5 pts.)

* * *

37. The Little Mermaid - Voting Stats

Total Points: 178
Part of a Numeric Tie? No.
16 Votes: 3rd Place (23 pts.), Two 4th Place (22 pts. each), Two 5th place (21 pts. each), 7th Place (19 pts.), 17th Place (9 pts.), 18th Place (8 pts.), Two 19th Place (7 pts. each), 20th Place (6 pts.), 22nd Place (4 pts.), Two 23rd Place (3 pts. each), 24th Place (2 pts.), 25th Place (1 pt.)

Miyazaki was a Castle of Cagliostro away from a clean sweep. A damn shame, because I really like that one too. I have yet to see Kikis.

Little Mermaid is good. Maybe not number 37 good, but it is deserving of a place in this countdown.

The Little Mermaid came out when I was 13. Not what I would call an ideal age for a male to see this film. It has all the staples of a "I am way too cool to like that movie". I loved it though, and it compelled me to watch and love the movies that finished ahead of it on my list when they were released. It has great music and great characters. It has what I think all the great Disney movies have as well, tremendous secondary characters. They are manic and humorous. I think Disney's ability to make these characters compelling for adults is what sets them apart. Wish it had finished higher, Little Mermaid is my #5.

The films from my list that already appeared:

2. Millennium Actress (2001) - #67
6. Sleeping Beauty (1959) - #54
12. 101 Dalmatians (1961) - #87
14. The Jungle Book (1967) - #59
15. From Up On Poppy Hill (2011) - #105
16. Lady and the Tramp (1955) - #79
18. Porco Rosso (1992) - #43
19. L’Illusioniste (2010) - #60
20. The Wind Rises (2013) - #84
23. Waking Life (2001) - #41
24. Paprika (2006) - #86
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I thought Kiki's Delivery Service was great; it was a strong contender for my list.

I didn't watch Little Mermaid. It's not one I have much interest in, but then again, most of the animations I loved were surprises.

I mentioned this in a couple threads yesterday, but while I'm here, I watched Wolf Children yesterday and I can't recommend it high enough.

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At one point I had The Little Mermaid on my list near the bottom, but it got beaten out by others.

I really like it though, one of Disney's best. I haven't seen Kiki's Delivery Service and haven't planned to.

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I like The Little Mermaid, but it never really had a chance on my list. There are far too many Disney films that are better than it, and many of those didn't make my list either.

I'm glad to see it made the countdown, but I'm surprised to see it this high on the list.