The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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I had Curse of the Were-Rabbit at #14, and like MovieMeditation says, it's my type of humor.

And although Charlotte's Web wasn't on my list, thanks, Miss Vicky for posting the clips of my favorite scene and character, Templeton. Rarely has a voice and an animated character come together so well. His "pig-out" scene is aces.
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Wow, Charlotte's Web made it higher than I thought it would. Cool.

I'm just sneaking in here, so I don't have time to express all the ways that Charlotte's Web is such a wonderful movie but I'll mention a couple of things. I literally can't remember not knowing Charlotte, Wilbur, Templeton and all the rest of the barnyard gang. I grew up watching the movie and I don't know how many copies of the book I've gone through.

My dad even called me Fern as a child because I was always out with the animals and have always had a strong relationship with them. And yes, I used to listen outside the barn hoping they would start talking to each other.

It's one of the best stories of friendship ever told.

Nice to see were-rabbit. I had it.
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And there's the reason MV wanted me to submit a list so badly. I had Charlotte's Web at #2, I think I first saw it at school when I was about 10 or 11. We used to have kids films projected in the main hall on a Saturday morning a few times a year. I think the tickets were 50p or something. I probably saw as many kids films at school as I did at home.

I've not seen the animated version for a long time, but I think I prefer the newer one. But that one wasn't eligible.
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56. Castle In The Sky - Voting Stats

Total Points: 126
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, tied with Duck Amuck and Sleeping Beauty but earned fewer votes.
8 Votes: 2nd Place (24 pts.), 3rd Place (23 pts.), 6th Place (20 pts.), 7th Place (19 pts.), 8th Place 18 pts.), 15th Place (11 pts.), 19th Place (7 pts.), 22nd Place (4 pts.)

* * *

55. Duck Amuck - Voting Stats

Total Points: 126
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, tied with Castle In The Sky and Sleeping Beauty.
10 Votes: 5th Place (21 pts.), 6th Place (20 pts.), Two 11th Place (15 pts. each), Two 13th Place (13 pts. each), Two 16th Place (10 pts. each), 19th Place (7 pts.), 24th Place (2 pts.)

* * *

54. Sleeping Beauty - Voting Stats

Total Points: 126
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, tied with Castle In The Sky and Duck Amuck, but received more votes.
12 Votes: 2nd Place (24 pts.), 4th Place (22 pts.), 6th Place (20 pts.), 10th Place (16 pts.), 14th Place (12 pts.), 18th Place (8 pts.), Two 19th Place (7 pts. each), 22nd Place (4 pts.), 23rd Place (3 pts.), 24th Place (2 pts.), 25th Place (1 pt.)

* * *

53. Tale Of Tales - Voting Stats

Total Points: 129
Part of a Numeric Tie? No.
7 Votes: 1st Place (25 pts.), 4th Place (22 pts.), 5th place (21 pts.), Two 8th Place (18 pts. each), 11th Place (15 pts.), 16th Place (10 pts.)

Glad Duck Amuck made it. But I did not vote for it.

I ADORE Sleeping Beauty! A Childhood favorite that holds up after all these years. I love the animation, the characters are memorable (especially Maleficent), and I LOVE the score! It was my number 4.

4. Sleeping Beauty
5. Heavy Metal
13. Bevis and Butthead Do America
23. The Lady and the Tramp

Though I ultimately did not vote for it, Tale of Tales was one of the films I had in mind when I pushed for the inclusion of shorts in this countdown. It's really unique and beautiful.

It's available on YouTube and is only about 30 minutes long, so if you've got an extra half hour to spare and haven't seen it, give it a try.

Duck Amuck is excellent as well and I vaguely recall liking Sleeping Beauty, but neither of them got my vote. I haven't seen Castle in the Sky.

Just A Reminder: There will be no new entries posted in the countdown until Friday. I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

Castle in the Sky is my #2. I think it's the best Miyazaki and one of my favorite movie of all time. It's beautiful, simple, has a very subtle, but eficiet environmental message and also some action. Beautiful masterpiece.
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I like Castle in the Sky, but don't love it. It didn't have the same impact on me as some of Miyazaki's other films. It's a fun adventure with a few magical scenes in it, but overall it didn't truly leave any significant impression on me.

Duck Amuck is one of those incredibly creative animated shorts from The Looney Tunes. It's great and I love it (the final twist is one of the best in Looney Tunes history)!

Sleeping Beauty used to be my favorite film when I was a kid and I still consider it as a special film for me personally. I had it as my number 6. I also gave it a spot in my Top 101 list. This is what I wrote about it:

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Some people may be frowning right now, but yes, you're seeing it right. This old Disney classic made my list. Again, this is of course one of those very personal entries, as this film is my childhood favorite.
After watching it again a few months ago, I couldn't help falling in love with it all over again, though. I dare saying it out loud: this is one of the most magical films ever made.

The main reason why I love this film so much is probably its incredible atmosphere. Just look at the scene where the three fairies are granting their wishes in one of the opening scenes and you'll know what I mean. The film hypnotizes its small (and adult) viewers with a rich palette of colors and with the very inventive use of the famous Tchaikovsky ballet.
As a child I could watch this film over and over again and honestly, I still can. The mood of this film has such a strangely intoxicating effect on me that I can't possibly walk away from it once I start watching.

How to create a mysteriousy macabre atmosphere...

Apart from that engaging mood, this film also has the most memorable Disney villain of all time and simply THE best classic fairytale climax of the complete Disney gamma. Also, notice how little this film depends on dialogue. It's all about visual extravaganza.

This is one of Disney's finest animated films and possibly my personal favorite of them all. Sleeping Beauty is one of the most captivating and perfectly executed reproductions of a classic fairytale ever adapted to screen.

As I said, THE best cinematic fairytale climax of all time!

~~ Merry Christmas, everyone! ~~
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Now we are talking! Two of the latest entries have made my list.

I had Charlotte's Web at 18. It is a film that I believe I had seen as a child, yet I could not truly remember much about it (I think I was very very young). Upon finally watching it again this year I was able to recollect what was so great about the film. It's truly one of the best films about friendship ever really. What draws me to it is the fondness of the characters, Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton among the others. It also has some truly emotional scenes that make it far from being just a kids movie to being a film with a lot of deep meaning to it. The ending in particular is something that was so beautifully drawn up. It's a great film.

I had Castle in the Sky at 22. It's a visually stunning film and I believe as time goes by I could truly see Miyazaki being one of my favorite directors. Laputa was a very interesting character in my opinion and there are plenty of magical scenes in this film for me. It's a film that I imagine being able to go back to plenty times and never grow tired of it.

I remember Sleeping Beauty being a good film, but I probably haven't seen it since the nineties.

Rauldc14's List
10. Brave Little Toaster - Near Miss
18. Charlotte's Web
19. Shrek 2
22. Castle in the Sky

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I had Castle at #6. Not my favorite Miyazaki film but it's pretty close. I vaguely remember seeing Sleeping Beauty as a kid but I doubt I'd like it much now since I'm not much of a Walt Disney fan. Never seen Tale of Tales but it looks pretty interesting. Oh, and merry Christmas everyone!
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Those are four great films, and they showcase why this is really a great list - none of them made the top 50!

I'll admit that I only voted for Duck Amuck, at #13, but they're all worthy. The Chuck Jones short is similar in ways to Buster Keaton's Sherlock, Jr in that Daffy Duck is left to the whims of his medium and, I'd say, sadistic animator. It just keeps getting crazier and crazier, and then when you think it's over, it gets better!

Sleeping Beauty was a lock for my list until I actually started whittling it down to 25, and I ran out of room, but it was the first film animated in 70MM, has a terrific medieval look and the finale is scary and action-packed. Castle in the Sky is a rip-roaring adventure that got left off perhaps because I'd seen another action/adventure by Miyazaki more recently that I placed above it. Tale of Tales is the kind of lyrical animation that you really can't understand why, but it burrows into your subconscious like a shared memory of civilizations long ago. In other words, it's a very humanistic work of art that makes you feel peaceful and akin to the rest of the world - maybe even your detestable person of the week!
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I like Sleeping Beauty, Duck Amuck, and Castle in the Sky all a good deal, but I didn't end up voting for any of them.

I had planned on watching Tale of Tales but completely forgot about it. I will definitely still watch it.

Too many average animated films on this list tbh. But then again, we are not even in Top 50. Still it bothers me when some commercial popcorn flicks gets a higher place than some really thoughtful and unique ones.
Because the unique ones are more obscure so almost nobody watched those. Like every single Pixar movie will make the top 50 for example as everybody has watched all of these.

But for instance When the Wind Blows which was a movie I watched because it as here (and because I wanted to watch it for years) is an excellent film and I could put it into my top 100 animations list.

Anyways, a Top 100 is quite a lot and most people who are not a fan of animation will most likely put commercial movies high as that is what they have seen.
Well, I would only consider a true fan of animation someone who has watched the 110 episodes of Legend of Galactic Heroes. I am probably the only person here who has watched it though (considering Zotis, Jal90 and Pussy haven't).

I'm not too mad though, my nr. 1 is a commercial movie though well respected (and to me, amazing).
Though thing is that you also exclude the relatively obscure stuff that shows up mixed with the mainstream mediocre ones like the Madoka film (which is well known to anime fans though) and When the Wind Blows. Overall a lot of others excellent films already showed up such as Garden of Words, Castle in the Sky, Wind Rises, Millennium Actress and Tale of Tales.

My ratings:

62. Yellow Submarine I am planning to watch this one for years now. Miyazaki said it was great, one of the top 3 best British animations.
61. Despicable Me
60. The Illusionist
+ In my top 100 truly great animated film.
59. The Jungle Book
58. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit I watched several Wallace & Gromit stuff, this one tohugh I don't remember watching.
57. Charlotte's Web
56. Castle in the Sky
++ One of the top 10 best animated films ever made. Truly powerful experience that evokes the feeling of childlike wonder like nothing else. It's extremely elegant film and has a powerful poignant atmosphere. In Japan it was rated as one of their top 30 movies ever made, it's indeed a classic.
55. Duck Amuck
54. Sleeping Beauty
53. Tale Of Tales
+ Norstein's most interesting film, one of my top 5 animated shorts.

There is a lot on this list, that i havent seen and / or do not care for.

I really hope that some of Yuriy Norshteyn's and Jan Svankmajer's films will show up, but im getting kind of worried.
Norstein's Tale of Tales showed up. Great film. I am worried that Petrov's The Old Man and the Sea wouldn't show up which is my favorite Eastern European animation. I think that Jan Svankmajer is overrated. His shorts are cute but artistically they are not very impressive if compared to Petrov, Back and Norstein. While Japan dominates dialogue driven animation most of the great shorts I know are western. Though I prefer dialogue driven stuff.

If you like artistic animation I think you would like stuff like Yuasa's work like Kaiba, Tatami Galaxy and Ping Pong, Yo****oshi ABe worked on like Lain, Texhnolyxe and Haibane Renmei as well as Ikuhara's work like Mawaru Penguindrum and Utena which has a TV series a great 90 minutes movie.

Most great anime consists of late night TV shows or OVA's as a result they are not eligible to nomination here. Most great anime films are Ghibli's films which most will probably make it. Though I am worried about stuff like Only Yesterday and The Castle of Gagliostro.