The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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What's wrong with Shrek 2? It was a fun satire of Disney films and the jokes hit its mark.
Really? I've only seen the first three, but the second was my least favourite by a mile. I didn't even like it.
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Really? I've only seen the first three, but the second was my least favourite by a mile. I didn't even like it.
And that's different from other movies how

Young Skywalker. Missed you, I have...
3 Robin Hood
4 The Fox and the Hound
6 Over The Hedge
10 Surfs Up
12 Ice Age
15 All Dogs Go To Heaven
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That's 'cause you're weird. I liked Shrek a lot, but Shrek 2 is better.
Thanks Miss Vicky, took the words right out of my mouth.

17. The Fox and The Hound

As a nostalgic movie from my childhood it just had to be in the list, even if in the 17th place.
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Fox and the Hound was a great film. Fun fact: Tim Burton worked as an animator on the film, but his animal drawings were so terrible that they were only shown fslaringly, and even then at a distance.

I have actively tried to avoid Shrek sequels since Shrek 2.
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That's 'cause you're weird. I liked Shrek a lot, but Shrek 2 is better.
... Shrek 2 is good, but Shrek is better, and Shrek 3 was just meh.
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90. Anastasia - Voting Stats

Total Points: 60
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, tied with Animal Farm
4 Votes: 7th Place (19 pts.), 11th Place (15 points), Two 13th Place (13 pts. each)

* * *

89. Animal Farm - Voting Stats

Total Points: 60
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, tied with Anastasia in number of points and number of votes. Both also had the same highest placed single vote at #7. The tie was broken by the second highest placed single vote, which went to Animal Farm for its 9th place vote.
4 Votes: 7th Place (20 pts.), 9th Place (17 pts.), 13th Place (13 points), 15th Place (11 pts.)

Haven't been on here in a few days properly so got quite a bit of catching up to do.

Not surprised to see some less than great entries at the beginning of the list, but quiet surprised at some of the films that have failed to make the cut!

A Bug's Life and Shrek 2 are both decent movies for me, although I've never got the appeal like some others. With the latter, I'm not a massive fan of the series in general, although the first would be my favourite, I'd expect to see that higher up.

Garden of Words I watched for the last short hall of fame and I thought it was good, beautiful animation but I was unsure a little bit on how it conveyed some of its themes/story through the animation, I can definitely see why people like it though.

Tarzan was number 24 on my list. A great animated film that often gets overlooked in the favour of other Disney films. With a few of my lower picks, childhood nostalgia factored in to my decision making a lot, and I loved this film when I was younger. I remember I had it on PlayStation too, and it was a great game to play.

Frankenweenie was one of the last films that I cut from my list, one of my favourite animjated films in recent years and I think that it doesn't get enough praise around here either. I love stop-motion, and although Tim Burton is hit and miss for me, his dark gothic style suits this perfectly, a great homage to many horror films.

The Fox and the Hound is a good children's animated film, I don't remember particularly loving it when I was younger but I saw it again fairly recently with my sister, and thought it was quite an effective and emotional tale despite its simplicity, I would bet the majority of people have seen this and enjoyed it at some point.

Whilst I haven't seen It's Such a Beautiful Day in its entirety, I have seen one of its 'segments' Everything Will Be Ok which I found to be a fascinating short that managed to convoy a number of different emotions and themes of life with simple but beautiful hand drawn animation. I know a few people on here love it, and find it really beautifully and important to them, so I am glad that this made it.

From the near misses, Robin Hood was another film I considered for my list, a great animated adaptation of a classic story. Over The Hedge is okay. Ice Age is a decent film that I would have preferred over A Bug's Life or Shrek 2. Vincent is a delightful animated short also by Tim Burton, I watched it because Mark recommended it in his top 100 thread, and I thought it was very good.

Edit: Anastasia I always thought was okay, but never liked it that much, I think I found the villain really scary.


100. All Dogs Go To Heaven
99. Surf's Up
98. A Bug's Life

97. Tarzan
+ #24 LIST
96. It's Such A Beautiful Day
95. Frankenweenie

94. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
93. Garden of Words

92. The Fox and the Hound

91. Shrek 2

90. Anastasia

89. Animal Farm

Seen: 7/12

That's 'cause you're weird. I liked Shrek a lot, but Shrek 2 is better.
Feel the same way.

I rewatched the first two Shrek movies, but didn't bother with the last two chapters as I knew they wouldn't have a chance on making my list. Shrek almost made my list but I think the second one is better and therefore it made my list at #13.

The Fox and the Hound did not make my list, but I do like it.

Almost voted for Animal Farm.

I loved the tone, loved the story and characters, but my list is just too full of animated films that I consider truly great or amazing, and therefore I do not have room for those which are good, really good and even some truly great ones I had to leave off.