The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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I'm sad Vincent didn't make the list! It's a great short movie, one of my favourites!

12. Vincent
25. Barnyard

100. All Dogs Go To Heaven - Voting Stats

Total Points: 55
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes. Two other films also scored 55 points, but earned fewer total votes.
4 Votes: 6th Place (20 pts.), 8th Place (18 pts.), 15th Place (11 pts.) 20th Place (6 pts.)

* * *

99. Surf's Up - Voting Stats

Total Points: 57
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, but more on that tomorrow.
4 Votes: 6th place (20 pts.), 10th Place (16 pts), 13th Place (13 pts.), 18th Place (8 pts.)

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I am with Mark on that one...
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I don't care what anybody says, Surf's Up is funny as hell.

I remember watching the trailer of it and thinking "That looks really stupid." Consequently, I skipped it during its theatrical run, but then later I blind bought the DVD on a whim.

I laughed my butt off and it quickly shot up on my list of favorites. It's one of my go to animations when I'm bored or sad. I've no idea how many times I've seen it now. It was my #6.

All Dogs Go To Heaven was a childhood favorite, but the singing puts me off now and it didn't get my vote.

My List
6. Surf's Up (99)
8. Over the Hedge (Near Miss)

Question for all, were all the movies on your list
or over?
No way, there's only about 7 or 8 I'd give that rating.

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My list so far.


























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Shouldn't this thread be categorized under "important" instead of Member Reviews' Threads? I remember the same thing happening with the '70s list in the beginning, because there was something with the code you had to change first.
Ah yes. Stupid hardcoding thing I always forget about. Should be fixed soon, thanks.

Nothing from me so far on any of the lists. I had meant to watch a bunch of new animated films for this, but other stuff got in the way. So not being a big animation fan, my list was pretty standard. A decent amount of Disney/Pixar with a few weird choices thrown in.

Now, Tarzan is gonna be #1, right? Right?

Didn't have either of the first entries. I have been around people watching Surfs Up but won't count that. Saw All Dogs Go To Heaven but don't remember much about it.

Really surprised about Poppy Hill. I had it at #8. All the Ghibli I have watched has been in the last year. More than one made my list, but that was by far my favorite.

from the 'Ten Highest Films That Missed The Cut', had The Adventures of Prince Achmed at #8 on my ballot. Has its own exotic Arabian-style animation that i found unique. Based on stories from The Arabian Nights, one of my favorite (loOoOoOoOng ) books

Have seen our #100, All Dogs Go To Heaven, but don't remember much about it. Did not make my list

I got All Dogs go to Heaven on dvd last year, but I never saw the whole movie. I haven't seen Surf's Up, didn't seem like it would be any good.
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I feel really bad that I didn't put The Secret of NIMH on my ballot now. Thought it'd be a shoe-in, sorry Yoda. All Dogs Go to Heaven is a childhood favorite and was my #20. The characters are memorable and some scenes have always stuck with me. This is a movie I occasionally return to even now. Happy that it made it.

I completely forgot about Surf's Up's existence, but I think I'm happy it made it. I remember really enjoying it when I first saw it, might have to give it a rewatch sometime.

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