The Shoutbox
"Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" is excellent. About ready top pounce on the second season!
Multilingual Spam!
I do not have time to run it, but I'll play if enough MoFos are in.
Maybe I just missed the thread, but are we doing the NFL pick-em league again this year? Kickoff is Thursday!
It is up for three more days, Dude.
Yup. Years ago. In the theater. It's fun. Chopsaki crossed with the sensibility of an old Warner Brothers cartoon.
"Bart Sells His Soul" remains my fave.
Only baby goats can be kidnapped. Rabbits get bunnynapped.

And if you didn't understand the note, the ransom is to be paid in cash, non-sequential bills.
I have some episodes of "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" on LaserDisc.