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The next two titles are up on the MoFo Westerns Countdown. Enjoy!
I will start revealing the list Sunday or more likely Monday. At that point we reveal two titles a day. It's a big countdown. Kinda fun. Sparks a lot of discussion about each movie and the list.
If only National Parks were open it would be the prefect time to travel by RV.
It is super cheap and getting cheaper every day.
I enjoyed "McMillions" but am glad I watched it before "Tiger King". After Joe Exotic and company all other criminals seem so damn boring.
They did that here in Maryland yesterday.
That is Amy Pohler doing a bit at an awards show.
I don't know. It's an ensemble piece full of wonderful performances, especially Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman, and Ellen Burstyn. Naturalistic in tone, of course it is a zillion miles from "Moonlighting". Its closest cinematic cousin may be Hud, another Texas-set drama filmed in black-and-white adapted from a Larry McMurtry novel.
I love Denis' stuff but she seems to be a niche filmmaker, even in film fan circles.
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I just want to know how Holden did so poorly in the pool. 50%? Even I beat him.
I never do well in the pool. I pick upsets and things I want to see win.

It's not all about winning.