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I saw it theatrically. It's damn good.
What to say about somebody who dies when their only blip of pop culture notoriety is gleefully yelling, "GET HIM A BODYBAG, YEAH!"?
This message brought to you by Duncan Hines. Duncan Hines....mmmmmmm, Breakfast!
In PG-13 films you are allowed one F-Bomb, as long as it isn't describing the sexual act.

So fu*k off.
SPAM in the Shoutbox. This aggression will not stand, Man.
Originally Posted by John McClane
I just found out the IMAX theater at Baltimoreís science center is for real.

Were you under the impression it was a myth?
This morning? That must have been exhausting.
I don't know how I'm still on there. I hardly ever shout anymore. Haven't for years.

Except in traffic. #RoadRager
SPAM in the shout box. Niiiiice.
I ain't not got no time fer 'em.