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Everybody knows what the best Wes Anderson movie is, right? I did a search and was surprised to see there was no “Best Wes” poll.
I was actually looking yesterday, too. We can start one.
Too sweet. They give you the diabetes.
Find Me Guilty would be my guess as well, though I don't know that it qualifies as "really well-known".
I know what each of those concepts mean individually, but I have no idea what a Teddy Bear Hot Tub Cake is.
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Youre thinking of a Twinkie
Put a Dunkin donut in a drawer and check back on it a year.
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Doing a Marathon a day next 4 days
Monday - Blade Trilogy
Tuesday - Godfather 1 & 2
Wednesday - Indiana Jones Quadrilogy
Thursday - Star Wars original Trilogy
Got some time off work so why not.
How are you gonna watch Blade: Trinity and Crystal Skull but not Godfather III?
Coppola even has a new cut of it awkwardly re-titled Mario Puzo's The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.

But Scrooged, yeah, Murray did not like the filming nor the finished product.
Murray and director Richard Donner infamously clashed during the filming. That is no secret. Not sure where you are getting that he "hated" Ghostbusters? He thought the sequel was weak (didn't we all) and has been extremely resistant to any other sequel ideas in the decades since, but he doesn't dislike the original film nor was it a bad filming experience.