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This message brought to you by Duncan Hines. Duncan Hines....mmmmmmm, Breakfast!
In PG-13 films you are allowed one F-Bomb, as long as it isn't describing the sexual act.

So fu*k off.
SPAM in the Shoutbox. This aggression will not stand, Man.
Originally Posted by John McClane
I just found out the IMAX theater at Baltimoreís science center is for real.

Were you under the impression it was a myth?
This morning? That must have been exhausting.
I don't know how I'm still on there. I hardly ever shout anymore. Haven't for years.

Except in traffic. #RoadRager
SPAM in the shout box. Niiiiice.
I ain't not got no time fer 'em.
Ah, that time of year when the MoFo dandruff starts to fall.
"Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" is excellent. About ready top pounce on the second season!