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#10 for the MoFo Westerns List is up, Pilgrims.
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Heres an idea for a movie, a parody of art house films in vein of Airplane or Naked Gun. Whoever takes it, good luck on a script.
Many problems here. First "Art House" isn't a genre so it can encompass a wide variety of films, probably too large a variety to distill. Secondly your target audience for a low-brow, gross-out, over-the-top spoof of these movies is likely to have watched few if any of the targets being parodied. Third the easiest, laziest way to parody these subjects is the reason the original movies were made in the first place. Brokeback Mountain was successful enough and known enough to be a target in one of the Scary Movie sequels, but it is just a bunch of dumb gags and homophobia.

How would you parody Boys Don't Cry? It is a dramatization of a real life tragedy. You go down that road and it gets truly disrespectful and unfunny very quickly.

A movie like The Favourite already has a satirical eye on costume pictures. It is not an Airplane! style spoof exactly, but it is partly designed as response to and plays against the "Art House" standard, whatever that is. Woody Allen's Love & Death is an over-the-top, anachronistic, silly spoof of Leo Tolstoy. Considering nobody reads anymore I would think you'd have a difficult time getting a picture like that made today.

But otherwise, good idea!
Oui, Pardner.
For the record you get SIX reveals for the MoFo Top 100 Westerns today.

The next two titles are up on the MoFo Westerns Countdown. Enjoy!
I will start revealing the list Sunday or more likely Monday. At that point we reveal two titles a day. It's a big countdown. Kinda fun. Sparks a lot of discussion about each movie and the list.
If only National Parks were open it would be the prefect time to travel by RV.
It is super cheap and getting cheaper every day.
I enjoyed "McMillions" but am glad I watched it before "Tiger King". After Joe Exotic and company all other criminals seem so damn boring.
They did that here in Maryland yesterday.