The Shoutbox
Gotten be turned on.

Omg, the hick speak is coming back
Awesome job on avatar gifs for mobile, Mr. Green.

I'm sure you did it 3 years ago, but congratty nonetheless!
I can't explain the achievement of waiting quietly until they figure out their way is not working, they throw their arms up, you go struggle with and succeed, shared victory and then the other person goes and starts unplugging stuff.

instead of crying
*click on*
*click off*
*click on*
*click off*
*click on*
*click off*
*counts ...1 ...2 ...wait*
$%*[email protected]!!!!!
*click on*
Or the power strip has gotten be turned to ON.
When you are "tech support" and explain to somebody for the 35th time that the "internet" has to be plugged in to something first...
And it also makes me want to release everything I do with a Creative Commons license.
So I'm reading a book from our library titled "Music and Copyright." Definitely got some great insights.
And this is why I dress like a well off hobo and never carry cash.