The Shoutbox
When my cynical side wins out.

We've known about Styrofoam and diapers and all the other environmental boogeymen since the 90's. Not much change.


Rodent's 1950-Present Sci-Fi and Futuristic Fantasy Movies has been updated with 2018's winner.

Have a gander.
Some interesting choices, shortlisted, and eventual winners in there if anyone is after some good Sci-Fi and Futuristic Fantasy movies to mull over.
I fried for Wish Chicken.
i wish for fried chicken
KFC has an environmental responsibility blurb printed on the side of its styrofoam containers.

Oh-ho-ho-ho! Someone would have to be a serious curmudgeon to not get a kick out of this.
My sound is like a shouting lamb.
My lamb sings Goodbye Horses
My lamb sounds like the silence of a shout.
My shout sounds like the silence of a lamb.