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OMG! "Stop it, now!" wwwwowoooaaOOOH-ooh eee-oh oh oh....
I couldn't find a shot of Yoda hiding under a car, so I went with the heroic pose, instead.
I appreciate the heroic pose. That's definitely what I do. I definitely don't crouch on the ground with my arms protecting my head and neck.
Shhhhh, don't tell my boss.
I did!
Nice. Did you just make that?
Sounds like Martin Mockingbird ('Marty' to his mates; 'Mister Mockingbird, Sir' to Yods) has taken it up to Def Con Three
Yeah, wasps would be "better" in the sense that I'd just spray the living daylights out of them and not feel bad. But I can't really blame the bird for protecting its nest, even if it's overzealous about it.

Also, figures to end in a week or two at the latest, so I'll wait it out for now. And WATCH THE SKIES.
Originally Posted by Yoda
Bird on the porch this morning. I opened the front door so it could see me through the screen door, and it sure seemed like he did! He puffed himself up and started making a new squawking noise.
I thought I was reading lyrics to a Presidents of the United States song

On a serious note, I am enjoying the entries you make of your stalker friend. I've never had such an encounter. Well, except for maybe wasps. Those are unforgiving lil bastages too, but they've never griefed me camping at my respawn like that. WOW!