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Special-sauce, lettuce, sneeze.
With a big-mac in hand.
Yup, itís gunna be made of American cheese.
I wonder if Trump will get a major memorial, superior to Lincoln's?
I need to rearrange my studio. But first I have to get rid of old furniture that has me emotionally attached. It's going to be rough.
I canít believe Iíve had my E2Cs for 12 years, and they still work!
Well, I finally decided to replace my Shure E2Cs. Picked up the older model wireless 215s. Same as the wired ones but $20 less.

Now I can actually listen to things on my iPhone.
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I will resist smart home tech till the day I die. I don't need my coffee maker and fridge on the internet.

1000 times, this!
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I may do cameras outside, but I can't see ever having them inside.
No idea what your neighbourhood is like but if we didn't keep our cameras inside they'd almost certainly go for a walk within the first few days.