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no. not the puns!
That's overly harsh, making them all wear sandals, flares and cheesecloth shirts. Or am I misconstruing the retroactive part?
Not sure, but don't worry because it'll be retroactive. It'll automatically replace all puns with apologies.
Any idea when the ban for the regs that shamefully didn't send a list in will commence and how long it will last?

Just asking for a friend.
I am already preferring working from home. Can finally focus.
Vision Message Board.
The Secret, but applied to MoFo community list submission rates.
Don't lose hope, if you look down that it's not gonna go well, that's negative energy, think it will happen and it will.
Don't know yet, TUS is gonna send me an update with the last few to sneak in. I think we might be just short, a fact which I will hold all over the regulars who forgot about it. But we'll see!

Either way, given that the 70s list came at maybe the peak of the site's activity, coming close is still very cool.
Originally Posted by Yoda
Guys, we are very close to the all-time list submission record! Just a couple hours left. Here, I've even made a magic PM link that automatically fills in the title of the message to TUS and everything:

You can do just 10 if you want, as a last resort. Please send one in!
Did we make it?