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"We ate the toys, Eddie."
well. i said couldn't afford. likely, mom just wouldn't buy them cuz i'd lose them. my marbles, that is. and we didn't eat the bugs. that was the deviled eggs.
when I was a lil kiddie, I was scared to eat them. i also didn't understand how my super-churchy grandparents would make them, being of the devil and all. i also thought the devl was a giant roly poly (that's a pill bug, for you non southern folk). mostly, we played marbles with them cuz we couldn't afford marbles. i was scared to do that too after a kid told me it was the devil and would poop in my mouth at night if i took one home.

mmmmm deviled eggs
Deviled Egg Otter Snots.

What is a reoccurring stain on Doc Antles love platform?
Originally Posted by ynwtf
deviled egg otter snot?!!?!
Try gettin that stain otter white sheets! 🦦
you know, Yoda's new avatar (without the animation playing) looks like Yoda got froze in some carbonite. at least that's what I thought at first glance.

deviled egg otter snot?!!?!
salamander love knot????