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I sound like trash but I swear the heavens opened up when I laid eyes on this bass. Looking forward to getting good enough to warrant an upgrade
Hopefully we'll be dead before things really start cooking.

It was cold today in the Pacific Northwest!...39 degrees and that's during the day. Meanwhile it was a balmy 65 degrees in Antarctica on Thursday...perfectly normal.
Baseball is going through their NASCAR phase. They are making changes to try to appeal to a broader audience, while alienating the diehard fan which is what sustains them.

Worked out great for NASCAR.
Has to be. Nobody pays attention to stick and ball sports. Unless they are getting the biggest push they've had in decades, from a cheating scandal of all things.

Come to think of it, the last great push was from 2 guys cheating.
We're talking beer, right?
Always feels like the year is really getting started when pitchers and catchers show up.
Every time you go get a rattle-can, insist on getting a paper bag. Then ask where the nearest alley is.
So everyone knows about how great oatmeal is for the skin.

Seriously. I've never found anything that works better. There are million life-hacks on how to use it. They all neglect one thing.

How to clean that mess up.
Originally Posted by John McClane
By far the funniest part was when they subtlety started trying to also sell me an amp, and asked what I was planning on doing for an amp and I said "connect into my mixer and into my phone and use GarageBand amps." They thought I was fixing to make a bomb or something the way they reacted.
You weren't? pfff, whatever.

Making a SONIC BOMB! boo-yeah.