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It has been renewed for a S4, so it is firmly taking first place on my list of “television I care about” now that Expanse has ended.
Well, it is running on rails
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Auuggghhh! I started that but never finished it! What a crazy concept, though, right?
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my KEYBOARD is up HERE, thank you very much.

my KEYBOARD is up HERE, thank you very much.
Ynwtf has set off contagious movie watching of phantom threads, I paused it to say:

I cannot have a confrontation

You have no breasts
lol. that's great she called to tell you the movie was great.

...and nothing else!
My mum is off staying with her sister and left me a voicemail today.

“Just wanted to let you know we watched Phantom Thread the night before last and it was good. Bye.”