The Shoutbox
also, ima TIGER!
Well, ok, I stand corrected ..... most of them

But ur right about starscream.
It'll be ok, prolly nobody'll notice but even if they do they'll all be far too polite to say anything
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S'ok, I do the same to yin all the time
Im glad that I stayed on brand. Edits a single shout more than any shout in history and still leaves an unintentional typo.

Im so happy I may shed a tear 🤗
Dagnabbit, saw the new user DeliaGoree and thought we had a new horror afishynado in da house until I checked their profile
S'ok, I do the same to yin all the time
Utmost apologies dear monk, did not see you there. I have a knack of combing the litter of the Shoutybox like one does a zen garden.