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time to go shave my noggin. wish me luck that i don't catch an eyebrow or two.
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But damn, do I love funnel cake.
Ya know you can make them at home... just make pancake mix and add a bit more water and a bit of sugar. Use a measuring cup to swirl in a shallow pan of oil. Flip over when one side is cooked to cook the other.. take out and drain on paper towel .. put powdered sugar or anything else you want... I use chocolate syrup and it was delicious.
Charlie Sheen seems like a good example of a crack "success " story.
If this podcast was a person, it would be Charlie Sheen on the roof of a skyscraper.
But damn, do I love funnel cake.
Oh dear Lord, I hate fairs. We have one HUGE fair here that really brings the characters out. They come from W.Va and the backwoods of the surrounding area.

There's usually a couple of gunshots that get popped off, robberies, and the like. Suffice it to say I don't go to that mess.
I did say marginally
tell that to my arteries!
Thank Heavens it appears marginally less dangerous than its cousin the funnel web spider

Hmmmmm ......... funnel-web spider cake...
Funnel cake is a top 20 food. Maybe top 10.