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Morning Scott!
Morning Isaac
What did I miss? I just got out of the sack.
What happens to dodgy links in shoutbox:

Magic - I tells ya!!
Iím still hoping to hit it big so I can sink like $50-60k into my FRS. Then I can say Supra what and giggle.
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Iím in a bad way for the new Supra. When I see one in the wild, I turn into a kid. The whole price point comparison means nothing to me. Throw in the fact that it looks so much better than its BMW sister.

Itís almost perfect. Styling. Enough performance to get on the highway, but not trouble. The only thing that kills me is the lack of a manual. I donít want better performance, I want 3 pedals. Bad!
I was excited for it, but then I lost all interest when I found out itís rocking a BMW engine. I want an inline Toyota.

And apparently they are adding a four cyl option for 2021.
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Cuz he ...sacks?
You think we should start calling him Isaac??
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Are we allowed talk about sacks again or is Uncle Sedai still all fired up? Not exsackly sure what his issue with them is

Cuz he ...sacks?
Take out the papers and the trash
Or you don't get no spendin' cash
If you don't scrub that kitchen floor
You ain't gonna rock and roll no more
Sackety sak (Don't talk Sack)
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When the hell did Chris Hardwick get un-cancelled?
Pretty much months after the first allegation.
To be fair, they were just allegations and he was never found to have actually done anything.
It helped that his exes and his wife all vouched for him. That his text messages with her that were released painted a different picture, and that she also refused to cooperate with the investigation for her own reasons.
He may have done all the things he was accused of, who knows?