The Shoutbox
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omg i remember that game!! lol
Sleep baby sleep
Thereís a morning to come
The wind in the trees
Theyíre talking in tongues
Iím slowing down the tune
I never liked it fast
You want to get there soon
I want to get there last

Itís not because Iím old
Itís not the life I led
I always liked it slow
Thatís what my momma said
ĒOffend me...with the mayonnaise.Ē
ĒOffend me...with the mayonnaise.
Thatís great Holden. Looking forward to see how many get it right! 🤗
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I don't even know which I'd choose, much less what everyone else would (though I have my guesses).
Fully agree, I think itís a tough one