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Pancakes were planted here by aliens to weaken our society, transforming us into docile, maple syrup drinking addicts, softened and ripe for the their conquest.

Rise against these foreign, buttery batter discs of premeditated death. Rise against your overlords. Take back the waffle, gridded in crispy perfection. The Waffle forgives you. The Waffle ... forgives you.
Especially this one

Yup, I always forget the awesomeness of the opening scenes to Master & Commander.
Its climatic final battle form will definitely involved merging with essential oils.
Apple cider vinegar will save us!
First our presidency, now our help desks. Where will it stop?
I'm rusty and my jeans are dusty. Back on up cuz I smell a little musty.
I've never cared for that name, Rusty, if I'm honest. You look taller in your pics though, so you hide it well.
Our help desk email filter had something from a Russian address. I'm a little rusty but I'm pretty sure it read "In Soviet Russia, password reset you!"
Originally Posted by John McClane
I was just looking at some pictures of used cars, and I found one that looked like it had been used to transport a body. Craigslist, you never disappoint!
Creep was a surprisingly effective Craigslist-themed thriller thingie