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Not sure how that weird a ended up at the end of old timer? I think my phone did that. Interesting choice smart phone. Interesting choice...
Well, you are actually older than the internet. Smoke em if you got em oldtimer
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Hey! I remember you. Where you been? It's time for more old members to return.
Who you callin' old?
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its boring to celebrate halloween
If you are listening to debates this Halloween, don't and just take it easy, we need less stress now more then ever.
Very, very cruel to be giving cheese wedgies - poor lil things got no arms with which to redress the discomfort
But can I compete with this $1 cheese roll, yo? They breaking my ma and pa's back
too much of a cheese wedge issue.
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Ya know, all this anti-trust tech company has got me thinking...why ain't they doing that for the fast food industry? Isn't that industry controlled by like 3 companies? If that's not a case of anti-trust I don't know what would qualify anymore.
We cant talk about food in this country.

If you ever thought you were a [email protected]$$, remember this is a guy named Vernon melting your face off.