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Iím getting closer and closer to just me and my guitar...

After years and years of comic collecting, I sold everything off in one lot.

What did you do with the money, Deni?

Well. I bought two turnovers from Arbys for 2 of my favorite people, paid for the woman behind me because she let me in front of said drive thru and a six-pack from Americaís oldest brewery to share with friends, with some leftover change to feed the container.

Could not be happier 😄
Everyone hear the mews? Ridley Scott wants to make another Alien prequel.

Wait. Thatís not mews, he always wants to make another.
Reads fine, but PM me directly if something really basic like that is broken (and persists after a refresh and a minute or two). That's the only way to ensure I see it quickly.

Also make sure to explicit note it's mobile, if it is. I'll assume desktop otherwise.
awesome. i hope it reads as intended, but if not i'm totally just being silly and not criticizing anything. i really figured it was me anyway, having lost so much sleep this week
Okay, should be good now.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
No, but earlier on mobile every time I tried to like a post I was kicked to the top of the page!

I was fiddling with something on mobile in the afternoon yesterday. JavaScript would've been broken during it, but...probably for like 2-3 minutes? I guess it's plausible you both tried to rep something during that window.
He will and likely much sooner than later. I've heard he's also pretty darn hot on refunding subscriptions.

Now - if only he could find a big enough cage that peshky Steve can't keep breaking out of.....