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Not only is Queen Charlotte a mini-series and not a movie, but it's not even out yet. These bots are getting progressively stupider.
Yes. It is denimwoof.

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Harbinger of the 2023 Shout Wars:

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Heat 2 casting rumors have Austin Butler in Val Kilmer’s role, along with Kylo Ren and Al Pacino.

Driver could pull a young Hanna if not for one, not so little detail.
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and now i have no more hbo for real
You’re not missing anything
and now i have no more hbo for real
you can make cat babies, you just can’t eat em
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Funny, when a friend first recommended Farscape to me, I took one look at it and said "pass." as I was all set with muppets in space. He told me to give a few episodes as try, and really, once I got into the second season or so, the muppets were kind of my favorite part.
Comparing Sci-Fi is kind of like comparing religion. It's all kind of silly when your scrutinize it. Nevertheless, even the goofiest examples can have moments of transcendence.
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makin' CAT BABIES!!!!!
There’s a law against that, you fiend.