The Shoutbox
I guess tornado season is upon now in Alabama.

huh. that reminds me.
so what did Jack do?
Potato potahto
Im snapping like Jim Otto
Potato potahto
I wanna win the lotto
I know a person who bought 4 packs of big napkin bundles because was not T Paper or Paper Towels.
ha! a crack pun.
I was going to make a TP clinging buttcheeks crack but I decided not too.
Lock and load, mister!
That's the only downside to living near a bunch of tinfoil hat, resource hoarding preppers.
Yeah, there are ZERO paper products where I live. No TP, no paper towels, no napkins, no tissues, nada. It's ridiculous.
Odd, no TP here but still decent number of tissues and lots of paper towels.

Seems like it varies a lot from place to place, day to day.