The Shoutbox
Always used this forum on my mobile phone. First my super cheap Redmi 4A and now on the slightly better Redmi 9 Prime.

Only ever had one issue, which happens rarely. Uploading pics from the device (not putting links of image) sometimes fail to happen. And for that I simply switch to the desktop version, upload the pic, and switch back to the mobile version. And again this happens rarely.

Beyond that the forum has (and continues to) run super smooth on the mobile phone. And I have been on other forums (mostly footie ones) and *Rutger Hauer voice* I have seen things you people wouldn't believe.
And by no small miracle, a man on the other side of the world changes the context of Larry Kings belief system.
Larry King approves.
What a cheesy shout. Yet also quite creamy.
My landlord still uses a flip phone.

If you have problems on mobile,
it will probably help if you upgrade to a Huawei device.
Originally Posted by FromBeyond
**** you cannot use this forum on a mobile

I went straight from a desktop to a phone to. I still don't really know how to use my phone all the way even.
I've been using mobile for a few years now. Been working fine. Just took some getting used to.