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Yin again with the grin
*yinbox was pretty brilliant btw.
WOW FOR REAL!? I've CAPPED?!?!?!?!?

dude. I feel like I've won an award!
Meester Wootf, please clear some room in your Yinbox.

I thank yew.
A solid maniacal yes on that.
From now on, I'm calling dinner parties feeding frenzies.
Remember tho. The keyword to frenzy is friend. So it can't be that bad.
Like that it's actually a 3-kilometer island. Frenzy indeed.
Originally Posted by John McClane
Im going to parrot Austruck about how nuclear reactors are super safe. I mean, I agree, but it just seems biased coming for you
Ha! Well, fair enough, but I thought so before my husband worked there. Remember, I live in Pennsylvania, and I wasn't all THAT far from Three Mile Island when that whole fiasco went down. (And it was partly a fiasco because of the media feeding frenzy that misrepresented the entire situation at the time... and since.)