The Shoutbox
I got into a fight 2 years ago about how I liked Tobey Maguire more then Tom Holland (even though I thought Homecoming was a good movie), I bet it was a teen girl.
Skeet shooting is where it is at, tho. I could do that all day.
I'm a lefty, and my skills are innate. How else was I able to qualify for my rifling merit badge on a poorly sighted right handed .22?
You kidding me? Aint no way Id be caught dead in that clown outfit!
Work on the skills first, then the outfit.
Out of sheer curiosity I took a look at the prices of building an outfit for winged shooting. Ya know, the smart and sporty tweed look? All love for the Brits but I think it is insane the cost of that ritual dress code.
Dry Bar Comedy has some of the best stuff.

Major Monsters, Inc. vibes
How dare you make such a claim!