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I'm stretched so thin of late. I don't know how type As don't go insane.
Pete Davidson...use to be funny? I seem to remember he had a special that elicited a few smiles from me.

This new thing is a messy bit of monetizing dirty laundry. It's just weird, but I applaud the financial savvy.
"The coffee's not for me Dave. It's for you. A thin veil that separates you from my primal narrative."
No coffee at work, no problem
I have stopped drinking coffee throughout the day. Just the 4 cups (which we all know is 2) when I get up.

Can't explain how much I look forward to those 2 cups. Somebody come tie me off.
That's pretty cool.
Marketing wants to use one of my panorama shots of the campus quad.
Originally Posted by John-Connor
And The Netherlands has its first case of coronavirus as well...
No it hasn't.

"Coronavirus" is.....

**Drum Roll**

The Common Cold.

Pretty sure the Netherlands has had millions, if not billions, of cases of Coronavirus.
Just like every other country in the world.

All this panic over it.
It's killed a few sure... but the common cold, the basic common cold, kills 50 to 100 times as many people annually.
The flu, proper influenza, as in, the basic flu that everyone gets annually, kills about 6000 per year in the USA alone. Up to a million people die every year from cold and flu worldwide.
You know how many people have died from this recent outbreak? This new strain that's apparently worthy of panic?
2800. Not even 3000.

All the recent media panic mongering is literally that. Panic mongering.
In simple terms... it's click bait.
Apparently covid-19 is quite fragile and alcohol is a good weapon to use against it. So just go out and get completely smashed over the weekend.

No charge for this advice