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Sorry, thought this was a game thread
lies (cameron, 1994)
Cat Stories: True or False?

I have a laundry cat that jumps up on to the sink and starts preening around the faucet. Eye squints. Tail flicks. Stretching displays, all the cat tricks.

"Turn it on, human. Turn it on. Oh please, turn it on."

I turn the faucet on and the cat proceeds to jump down and display the butt. "What a maroon."

True or False?
I'm of the belief that bleach is my favorite air freshener.
Sounds like we have a full-blown Swiss cheese incident on our hands.
soory i ment i have Swiss Cheese memory like Sam Beckett every time he lipped lol.
Swiss .... kids .... 60s/70s .....

got it!

The Sound Of Music

Aaah crap, that was Austria wasn't it

As you were.
Gotta vanish for a bit. Time to go home!
thanks i will