The Shoutbox
I am part of a Discord server that has a feature that allows you to mute yourself so you can't post. Seriously the best feature ever.
Incoming iPhone spam? *Shrugs*
Indeed they are.
Chewy but delicious?
Im thinking of buying CBD gummy bears (yes, I had intended to post this shout before I saw the birthday message).
Happy Birthday, the Rodent!
Happy Birthday The Rodent
OK ladies, put the handbags down and step back.
The.. the prize. The ....PRIZE!! *gasps* we-we TURNED on each other! Like... Like ANIMALS!!

"WAS?!" This is not OVER!? THIS IS STILL HAPPENING!! RIGHT NOW!! *takes a pink gel cap to the shoulder* AAaaarrr!!!!
She is a fine example of the art being better than the artist, and its her holier than thou attitude with which I take an issue.