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'hyper' or 'hipper'?
Boy oh boy, these typos are reely startling to mound up.

As a six+-footer I'm starting to wonder whether I should even be here now as for all I know this might actually be the Shortbox
I once found a pair of hyper-psychedelic unicorn pants on amazon. I never ordered fearing it was just a fake advert.
”scarecrow’s only scaring himself”

badada dup dup dup bada duba da dup
Looked up “Starscream pants” and 90% of that merch is for women and the stuff for dudes, sucks.

Learn something about yourself aahieday.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
I just read a post mentioning cutting hair with a chainsaw. That reminded me of a few YT videos I've seen where some random idiot girl fashions a corn cob onto a drill. Yes. A drill. And yes, I typed "a few," as in there are more than one of these kids fumbling through life. Anyway. Drill to side of face, corn cob in front of mouth. Flip the switch and hair immediately gets caught in the spin. Patches. Gone forever.
Jason Derulo teeth
Originally Posted by ynwtf
hahaha NO that post was AWESOME! It really took me back. Cept I had starwars themed stuff in my room. Also, we didn't have money for a racecar bed though that would have been cool too. I got a pop-up camo tent structure that wrapped my twin mattress. Oh, and I didn't have a creepy uncle brushing my hair back in my sleep. =\

That was the night-janitor, you creep.

He has a name. It’s “Juicer” . Show some respect for the man who cleans your splatter off the darkseid of the lid.

Finally, all the neighborhood kayakers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their "All Summer In a Day" has finally come. Rather, All Water in a Ditch? Not a day too soon, either! I read on kChan they were planning to rally around the governor's office with paddles and beer-filled floaty coolers.

Funny side note: kChan is flooded with 11yo Korean Pop fans for some reason, much to many a kayaker's annoyance.

Disclaimer: I do not read or endorse whatever a real kChan might be a channel of.
hahaha omg editing shouts is EVIL!!!
This is what our city's greenway trail looked like after all that rain last week. Non-existent.

And $nok is killing it of late. Strong buy