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That's brilliant!
So, I figure Goonies has wrapped and there is a classic 80's, end-of-the-road, melancholy music conclusion.

Astin, Feldman and Brolin are standing by the curb. A stretch "box" limo pulls up for Feldman. Michael Jackson's personal chaffeur.

Brolin has his hands in his pocket, scuffing the toe of his shoe. Astin is engaged in a Nutty Buddy. Awkward silence. The chauffeur opens the door for Feldman, who hangs his leather jacket on his index and middle finger and then throws it on his shoulder.

As he is about to dip into the limo, Brolin finally musters the courage to speak.

Brolin "Hey Corey. Maybe call me some time?"

*classic Feldman smirk, turning to face Brolin*


*smile and nod* before ducking into the limo.

"Man, hangin' with Michael Jackson. How much fun would that be?"

Astin "I wonder if HE has any ice cream at Neverland.
Bet he has sundae peanuts.

Brolin stares at the departing limo shaking his head.

For old times sake
I met a guy with powder on his face
He could set a good pace
No one knows what he put up his nose
But the faster he goes
The louder he crows
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Happy Drive-by Day everyone!

Happy Drive-by Day everyone!
Mornin, Rhys
Or evening. If you prefer.
Hey guys, long time no see.