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Mobile battery @9% and i downed a doubleshot espresso before boarding so I can't even nap. I am so screwed. At least I'm burning battery here with U MOFOs.
lol. They won't let us off plane
Refuse to get off until the pilot gets angrier and reverses the aircon unit!
Sitting in an airplane in D.C. waiting for ATL weather delays. 1 hour wait currently. Was ALREADY landing at 11pm for another 1.5 hour drive home after that. Sigh.
Yea I'm sure they would go through some pain if some one like a sumo wrestler lands on them. It definitely wouldn't tickle that's for sure.To me I say it's 50/50 when it comes to wrestling half fake and half real depending on the wrestling organization of course.
Nah the last one I took notice of was The Undertaker. I was a kid and he was a bit metal. what can I say.. I could probaly get into that sumo stuff. Those ****ers are seriously huge. It'd be dire if something like that landed on you. No theater, just pain. Not that the regular wreslters don't go through serious pain, I didn't mean that. I dunno...something just feels just that much more OMFG WE*RE ****ED THIS IS GODZILLA!
Nice, do you know any of the wrestlers or no?
Nah, I imagine my own selection of dudes wrestling it out.
Anyone watch Wrestling on here? just wondering if there's any wwe fans on here like me?
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