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Thanks Yoda, I am trying to figure the site out. I havenít received the email verification so it wonít let me access. I will try again in the morning
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Can anyone help me find this movie?
I saw the trailer for it a year or two ago. Itís a guy finds this alien dog creature out in a field and it has a usda stamp on its side. Thatís all I really remember. I think it had to do with food industry serving out some genetically modified creatures and one escaped. I know thatís not a lot to go off of, but please let me know!
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I always thought Cobra Kai was the better dojo.

Loox like ol' Danny is gonna finally get what he deserves!


Yeah, what a lovely day
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Headbutt the cats a bit?
Hell yeah, almost daily .... took me a while but I finally learnt it was better to move on from walls, doors, footpaths, other people's heads and roads