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While I'm at it...

Non-alcoholic beer. Wth is drinking this stuff? I just can't seem to crack the demo. We trying to bring alcoholics back into the fold.

"Come here friend, yea, yea, this won't make you drive your car through the garage. You always enjoyed the taste, it was the other stuff that caused the problem."

Or we shooting for underage kids trying to funny?
Annie Potts. Get out of my dreams and into my car.

Bring that AARP card, let's go.
Who has an espresso machine at home?

I'm trying to come up with a coffee drink and that "drip" isn't cutting it. I've always been aware of the price range on espresso machines and I'm not looking for a new car payment.

I wonder what the experience with cheaper machines is. You know, ones you can have and still send Billy to college.
Conspiracy denim, here.

I wonder about eBay and how their "algorithm" works? Seems like some stuff gets buried, tempts you to lower the price, then one random person stumbles across the steal of the century.

Makes me think about checking out Mercari or that one with the great commercials...
Yeah, I have scoliosis and a winged scapula, and I messed them up more.
Originally Posted by John McClane
That's double the recommended amount, so you're doing good man. Trying to keep virile, eh?

Oh hell no. One and done for us!

Exercise has only been good for my body, but I have a balanced routine that hits everything pretty well, and I never overdo it.
All I know is if I could go back in time to stop myself from lifting all those years I would. I totally destroyed my body. Introduced imbalances to an already imbalanced body. I'm in more pain now than ever.
That's double the recommended amount, so you're doing good man. Trying to keep virile, eh?
I have limited time, so I compress my workouts into 1 hour sessions everyday after work, Mon-Fri.
I can't do back squats anymore, but front squats will always be considerably less anyhow.