The Shoutbox
When the hell did Chris Hardwick get un-cancelled?
To be crystal, this is what a gnar dog wore.

I have no explanation for the cut of that shirt, but it was a big Fíing deal.
Tracks, spiked mullet with a Rip Curl shirt is how you kill it.
There is a pod that probably has the best intro Iíve ever heard. When they described it as ďfreestyleĒ music I decided to investigate.

Over two hours on YouTube later, this is is exactly the type of thing that explains why I donít watch movies anymore.

Hey, where can I get some white pants and l.e.d. soled shoes?
Hm. I should clarify. We did not collectively, as a home room, decide to give birth to a kid. He was part of our home room group, so by "we" I mean as part of our circle of friends. Yeah. I can just imagine Chyp's gears grinding, typing up a reply so I felt that I needed to add this distinction.
We had a kid in uh... 9th grade home room that got them. We all kinda teased him. We thought it was kinda cool tho, but we gave him grief. Friends always gotta be mean to each other. Tracks lol. I forgot we called him that for a few weeks. Hey Tracks! Can I borrow a pencil?! As quiet as the kid was, man he sure grew up to be a prick. I guess we pushed him too far. Too far down that track!!!

Dude. That bass is kicking my room around.

In a perfect world, this is what my hair aspires to be.

I find a similar comparison to music. When something that is simple technically and also profound. People can be dismissive if they donít think it meets a technical proficiency bar.

The catch is, the average person canít make simple magic. The Sandman can. The stories of the reverence his peers hold for him is another thing that gets lost.
I've grown to like Sandler more and more over the years. Sure he has some bad or repetitive roles, but with the right material he can be really good. He was mindblowing in Uncut Gems. Easily my favorite performance by him so far, though Punch-Drunk-Love comes very close.
That Sandler special was brilliant. He is a genius and the Farley song was beautiful.