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That is plausible.
Ok, admittedly a bit of a long shot this one but there's no planned filming of any Westerns in the locale is there? Could be that the bandits are approaching.
Zoos? Humm, 80km away, yeah, in Maia-Porto. If they got out I'm sure the traffic already killed them, we are so stupid our zoos are constructed in the middle of cities.
Got any zoos nearby? Maybe check for any escaped marsupials.
No, no chance. We don't do cake sales, this is not America, the only place we hang out is in the tavern or church, this is a town of drunk people. Portugal is a very melancholic country, forget the beaches.
Could be a cake sale maybe?
8AM, the bell at the church doesn't stop ringing, someone died at the village I assume.
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Originally Posted by Sedai
Taking my Charvel (guitar) down to get a professional setup. It's been a few years! I will be stuck playing my Ibanez for a few days.

Good luck at your lesson!
When I was trying to sell the Monster guitar, the guy punctuated every sentence with, "well, we would have to set-up the guitar first".

What does that mean, I would ask. $75 was the reply
Originally Posted by John McClane
I have my first guitar lesson today.
Please tell me it was with Esteban.