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Holmes and Watson part deux

I find it strange that nobody was watching the dailies saying, "This isn't funny, it's not working" . Especially when you realize the amount of money spent to make a "period piece"(?) .
I didn't know if he was a national treasure or something. Kinda like Gad, cuz he's huge in France...apparently.
I have no idea.
Anybody else have Netflix shove the new Chris Lilley show down their throat?

I'm curious to how popular he is in Australia. He's funny, but it seems like it's the same act for the past 10 years.
2 month old stale Peeps are an Easter confection staple. Nice and chewy like taffy.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
That bad?
I'm a big fan of those two.

I turned it off after 15 minutes. Will Ferrell is best when he plays to his strength. Here he is doing this over-the-top British caricature thing and there wasn't a single laugh in what I watched.

I should have stuck it out, but I not dying on that hill. For people that don't like Ferrell, this will be their exhibit 1 .
Wouldn't have married her if she was that shallow
Originally Posted by Chypmunk
Not got a happy wife this morning ..... she got me a white chocolate bunny and I got her a milk chocolate cow.

Apparently my gift hasn't been deemed that appropriate
She probably saw The Brown Bunny, and never looked at chocolate bunnies the same way again.
Ya know...
I don't have anything to say. Just wanted to type that.
Originally Posted by The Rodent
Maybe it's because she's lactose intolerant and diabetic, and as her husband you should have known better.
Yeah .... no.