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I liked the finale, but I didn't love it. That about sums up my feelings for the show in general, I guess.
I was just skimming this but oof, accidentally/probably learned a lot about the finale just from a few stray words, which I haven't seen yet (I'm just about to start the final season).
Really? Everywhere i read about it seemed to love it.
Glad you liked it. I heard mixed response to it.
Suppose Paige staying was a twist actually but i saw that coming a mile away, great scene.
Dude it was perfect. Actually wasn't big on Season 6 for the first couple of episodes, they seemed to be full of musical montages with nothing happening. I know nothing happens a lot on the show but it felt like they needed to be more urgent with it being so close to the end, thankfully it got going around episode 4 and never let up.

I had various theories throughout the show mostly twist related but i'm glad they didn't go that way it needed to end quietly and unsure of the future as that's of course what really happened with the fall of the Soviets. The only ambiguous thing i'd have liked an answer on was Stan's girlfriend but whatever probably wouldn't have been satisfied either way.
Hey Camo. I need that book report on the series finale of the Americans.

Hope you were happy with the way it shook out.
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Although maybe it's just North Americans being allergic as i'm pretty sure it's the most popular sport in Mexico which is also a large country and while they are often good there's always smaller countries that are better than them.
That's a good point.

I'm fine with it though. The football is the world's sport. I still can't watch it, but I keep trying.

I'll figure out offsides one of these days... .
Shoutout to all my MoFo warriors. I'm trying to revive a sourdough starter and need all your thoughts and wishes sent this way.
Nobody ever sez the best Rocky movie is a Christmas film.